Dota 2 received The Mistwoods Update with a new hero, items and balance changes

Valve has released Gameplay Update 7.28 for Dota 2. The patch features new hero Hoodwink and new item Aghanim's Shard.

Dec 18, 2020 - 16:47
Dec 18, 2020 - 18:11
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Dota 2 received The Mistwoods Update with a new hero, items and balance changes
We have been waiting for any changes for half a year and finally it happened!

The developers added new items and made a lot of changes to the balance of existing heroes and items.

Hoodwink's (ranged, nuker, disabler, escape) abilities:

  • Acorn Shot
    The hero shoots an acorn at the selected enemy, which bounces at nearby enemies, slowing them down and dealing additional damage. Can be applied to a point to create a tree.

  • Bushwhack
    The hero throws a trap net that stuns enemy heroes if they get close to the target tree. Enemies are attracted to the tree and they lose sight for the duration of the stun.

  • Scurry
    The hero has a chance to avoid physical attacks by being near trees. When activated this ability speeds up movement and allows you to pass through creatures and trees.

  • Sharpshooter
    The hero prepares a fatal shot from his crossbow. He deals huge damage to the enemy hero, slows him down and Break. The damage and duration of the effect increase with the preparation time.

This Update also added a new item to the game - Aghanim's Shard. It gives each hero their own additional skill, which the heroes received in this update or improves an existing one. However, Aghanim's Shard can be bought only starting from 20 minutes for 1400 gold.

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