Get a Free Google Stadia and Chromecast Ultra by buying the Game for $60

Google is offering a free Stadia Premiere package if you buy the game for $60 at the Stadia store before October 10th.

Oct 1, 2021 - 02:27
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Google is offering a free Stadia Premiere package if you buy the game for $60 from the Google Stadia store. The offer is valid until October 10 and applies to any purchase of the game in the amount of $59.99 or more before that date.

The offer announced in the blog post is valid for any games available on the service, or for pre-orders for games that launch before October 10. The Stadia Premiere package includes one White Stadia controller and Google Chromecast Ultra, allowing you to stream Stadia games to your TV. The premiere edition of Stadia currently costs $80. The blog post says that you may have to pay the cost of shipping the Stadia Premiere package, however it does not say how much.

Anyone who makes a qualified purchase before October 10 will receive a code by October 20 for the Stadia Premiere package. The code must be used by November 20. The offer is limited to the USA and a number of European countries.

If you're interested in acquiring Google Stadia and were planning to buy the game in the next week and a half anyway, or really want to get your hands on Google Chromecast Ultra, this seems like a solid deal. Google said that Stadia is "alive and well" and the service will receive more than 100 new games in 2021. All of these games will be released by third-party developers since Google shut down its game studios earlier this year.

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