The Laureates of the Golden Globe 2022 Award have been announced

The Hollywood Press Association has named the laureates of the Golden Globe 2022 Award.

Jan 10, 2022 - 04:31
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The best dramatic film of last year was named "The Power of the Dog" with Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst, and the director of the tape and Cody Smith-McPhee were also awarded for the best supporting role.

In addition, Steven Spielberg's "West Side Story" received three awards - as the best musical with the best actresses of the first (in a comedy or musical) and the second plans.

The award for the best screenplay went to Belfast, the best cartoon was named Encanto, and in the categories of music and songs, Hans Zimmer's compositions for Dune and Billy Eilish's song No Time to Die for No Time to Die about James Bond were noted, respectively.

As for the series, The Heirs was named the best drama. Continuing about this show, Jeremy Strong won the award for Best Actor in a drama series, and Sarah Snook - for best supporting role in a series.

The best comedy/musical series was named "Tricks", and Jean Smart from the same show was named the best actress in a comedy/musical series. And the full list of winners can be found below.

Best Drama Film

  • Belfast;
  • "The Power of the Dog" is the winner!
  • "Dune";
  • "King Richard";
  • "CODA: Child of deaf parents";

Best Actress in a Drama Film

  • Lady Gaga ("House of Gucci");
  • Nicole Kidman ("Being Ricardo") - winner!
  • Olivia Colman ("The Unknown Daughter");
  • Kristen Stewart ("Spencer");
  • Jessica Chastain ("Tammy Faye's Eyes");

Best Actor in a Drama Film

  • Mahershala Ali ("Swan Song");
  • Javier Bardem ("Being Ricardo");
  • Denzel Washington ("The Tragedy of Macbeth");
  • Benedict Cumberbatch ("The Power of the Dog");
  • Will Smith ("King Richard") — winner!

Best Comedy or Musical

  • "West Side Story" is the winner!
  • "Licorice pizza";
  • "Don't look up";
  • "Cyrano";
  • "Tick-tick, boom!";

Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical

  • Rachel Zegler ("West Side Story") — winner!
  • Marion Cotillard ("Annette");
  • Jennifer Lawrence ("Don't Look Up");
  • Emma Stone ("Cruella");
  • Alana Haim ("Licorice Pizza");

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical

  • Andrew Garfield ("Tick-tick, boom!") — winner!
  • Leonardo DiCaprio ("Don't Look Up");
  • Peter Dinklage (Cyrano);
  • Anthony Ramos ("At the Height of Dreams");
  • Cooper Hoffman ("Licorice Pizza");

Best Supporting Actor

  • Ben Affleck ("Gentle Bar");
  • Jamie Dornan (Belfast);
  • Troy Kotsur ("CODA: The Child of Deaf Parents");
  • Cody Smith-McPhee ("The Power of the Dog") — winner!
  • Kieran Hinds (Belfast);

Best Supporting Actress

  • Katrina Balfe (Belfast);
  • Kirsten Dunst ("The Power of the Dog");
  • Ariana DeBose ("West Side Story") — winner!
  • Ruth Negga ("Identity");
  • Onzhanyu Ellis ("King Richard");

Best Film Director

  • Kenneth Branagh (Belfast);
  • Denis Villeneuve ("Dune");
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal ("The Unknown Daughter");
  • Jane Campion ("The Power of the Dog") — winner!
  • Steven Spielberg ("West Side Story");

Best Film Script

  • Paul Thomas Anderson ("Licorice Pizza");
  • Kenneth Branagh (Belfast) - winner!
  • Jane Campion ("The Power of the Dog");
  • Adam McKay ("Don't Look Up");
  • Aaron Sorkin ("Being Ricardo");

Best Foreign Language Film

  • "Hero";
  • "Compartment number 6";
  • "Parallel mothers"
  • "The Hand of God";
  • "Get behind the wheel of my car" - the winner!

Best Animated Film

  • "Luka";
  • "My sunny Maad";
  • "Escape";
  • "Raya and the Last Dragon";
  • Encanto is the winner!

Best Film Music

  • Johnny Greenwood— - "The Power of the Dog"
  • Alexandre Desplat — "French Bulletin"
  • Alberto Iglesias - "Parallel Mothers"
  • Jeremaine Franco — "Encanto"
  • Hans Zimmer - "Dune" - winner!

Best Song in a Movie

  • Be Alive — "King Richard"
  • Dos Oruguitas - "Encanto"
  • Down to Joy - "Belfast"
  • Here I Am (Singing My Way Home) — "Respect"
  • No Time to Die — "No Time to Die" - winner!

Best Drama Series

  • "Lupin";
  • "The Morning Show";
  • "Post";
  • "The Squid Game";
  • "Heirs" - the winner!

Best Actor in a Drama Series

  • Brian Cox ("The Heirs");
  • Lee John Jae ("The Squid Game");
  • Billy Porter ("Pose");
  • Jeremy Strong ("The Heirs") — winner!
  • Omar Si ("Lupin");

Best Actress in a Drama Series

  • Uzo Aduba ("Patients");
  • Jennifer Aniston ("The Morning Show");
  • Kristin Baranski ("The Good Fight");
  • Elisabeth Moss ("The Handmaid's Tale");
  • MJ Rodriguez ("Pose") — winner!

Best Comedy/Music Series

  • "Great";
  • "Tricks" is the winner!
  • "Murders in the same building";
  • "Dogs of the Reservation";
  • "Ted Lasso";

Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical Series

  • Anthony Anderson ("Black Comedy");
  • Steve Martin ("Murders in the Same Building");
  • Jason Sudeikis ("Ted Lasso") — winner!
  • Nicholas Holt ("The Great);
  • Martin Short ("Murders in One Building");

Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical Series

  • Hannah Einbinder ("Tricks");
  • Tracey Ellis Ross ("Black Comedy");
  • Issa Ray ("The White Crow");
  • Gene Smart ("Tricks") — winner!
  • Elle Fanning ("The Great One");

Best Miniseries, Anthology or TV Movie

  • "Impeachment: An American Crime Story";
  • "Breaking";
  • "Mair of Easttown";
  • "Underground Railway" - the winner!
  • "The cleaning lady. The story of a single mother";

Best Actress in a Miniseries, Anthology or TV Movie

  • Margaret Qually — ("The Cleaner. The story of a single mother");
  • Elizabeth Olsen ("Wanda/Vision");
  • Kate Winslet ("Mair of Easttown") — winner!
  • Jessica Chastain ("Scenes from Married Life");
  • Cynthia Erivo ("Genius: Aretha");

Best Actor in a Miniseries, Anthology or TV Movie:

  • Oscar Isaac ("Scenes from Married Life");
  • Paul Bettany ("Wanda/Vision");
  • Michael Keaton ("Breaking") — winner!
  • Ewan McGregor (Holston);
  • Tahar Rahim ("The Serpent");

Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series

  • Brett Goldstein ("Ted Lasso");
  • Mark Duplass ("The Morning Show");
  • Oh Yeon-soo ("Squid Game") - winner!
  • Kieran Culkin ("The Heirs");
  • Billy Crudup ("The Morning Show");

Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series

  • Caitlin Deaver ("Breaking");
  • Jennifer Coolidge ("White Lotus");
  • Andie McDowell ("The Cleaner. The story of a single mother");
  • Sarah Snook ("The Heirs") - winner!
  • Hannah Waddingham ("Ted Lasso").

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