Microsoft has unveiled a trailer for the release of CrossFireX - shooter for Xbox with a story campaign from Remedy

Microsoft has published a release trailer for CrossFireX. The shooter is already available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles.

Feb 10, 2022 - 07:36
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CrossFireX includes shareware multiplayer from Smilegate Entertainment, as well as a paid story campaign developed by Remedy Entertainment studio, known for Max Payne, Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control.

The multiplayer component works on the Xbox Series X in two modes: "Quality" at 60 frames per second and "Performance" at 120 frames per second.

Single mode, in turn, is divided into two parts Operation Catalyst and Operation Spectre and is available as part of the Ultimate Package for $24.99, while the first half of the campaign can be completed in the Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost.

"The legendary franchise is coming to Xbox in the form of a dynamic first-person shooter with modern and classic multiplayer modes and a cinematic campaign that explores the global conflict between two of the most formidable private military groups in the world," the release trailer says.

The network already has complete singleplayer walkthroughs. The duration of both parts is about 3-4 hours. Below are the first 12 minutes from the start of the game with the Xbox Series X.

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