Echoes of the Eye has been released — an addition for the Outer Wilds time loop

Two and a half years after the release, the Outer Wilds, caressed by the public, received an addition — Echoes of the Eye. It seems that everything is fine with him too: the first reviews of the DLC are very positive.

Sep 29, 2021 - 09:05
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According to the plot of Echoes of the Eye, the Kamelen space program has discovered an anomaly unrelated to the known corners of the surrounding star system. The new museum exhibit will become a guiding thread to the secrets of the local universe. What is in the heart of the Blackthorn? Whose forces built the ruins on the moon? Is it possible to interrupt the time loop? Or maybe it's better for some secrets to remain secrets?

The first reviews on Steam from Echoes of the Eye — 96%, on a level with the main game. Users write that the DLC refreshes Outer Wilds well and gives a wonderful reason to stay in it longer. There are few reviews in the press yet, but, for example, the author of IGN (8/10) notes an increased bias in horror and adds that the new elements of horror seem to be a little out of the general style and do not seem so exciting. But, they say, in general, this does not prevent you from having a lot of fun with the DLC.

Echoes of the Eye is also accompanied by a thorough patch redesigning game systems. The authors even prepared a special build so that speedrunners, modders and other users, if desired, could roll back to the old version of the game.

The release of Echoes of the Eye took place at all venues where the original Outer Wilds is available. Russian is supported. Discounts are available for the base game and the PC add-on until October 5.

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