How to become an author

How to become an author - the most important points to achieve this goal.
I welcome you to the Uniongames project, my name is Alexander, I am the head of the gaming portal. You seem to want to write a post? This is brilliant and I am ready to provide help.

Uniongames is interested in the gaming industry and all events within the gaming world: game news, reviews, guides, game streams, trailers and video game announcements, releases, new mods and patches, game development, servers, live broadcasts, cyberport. It is not necessary to write a lot, but in a complicated manner and the most important is a result. If you already have "powerful" material on another resource, post it here too, so that the majority of Uniongames users and the gaming community will also appreciate it.

If a post is useful and unique, tens of thousands of people will read it. In addition, it will appear on our resources in VK, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It will probably be in the mailing list of the best of the week.

How it will happen 
You write the first post, after it is checked by the moderators and if everything is good, it is sent to the section you specified on Uniongames, where it gets views, comments and ratings. If there is something wrong with the post, you will be asked to modify it.

Why write at all
① To write a post means to state your opinion in the right manner and as clearly as possible, explain everything, summarize the experience and share it with others. To bring results and receive rewards, try it.
② It's never possible to predict who will read your post. Sometimes these are those people who understand this topic with a high level of competence. The attention from such people is perhaps the most serious and worthy result that you will get at Uniongames.
③ Your publications are your reputation and intellectual property. They are better than any resume that tells you who you are, what you do and what you know.
④ For the first cool post, you will receive a full-fledged account, which includes an analytics and reward system.
⑤ In the future, for articles with a high rating on specialized topics, we can reward financially. To do this, Uniongames has a Creator Rewards Program.

What format to choose
Select the topic about which you want to write an article as part of our project. Uniongames has taken into account several common areas. For each of the above, we have written a short instruction that will help structure the text.

The first to know about the events in the gaming industry? Have you seen the new game before anyone else? Have you read the latest post about the upcoming expansion or events in the world of game consoles? Share with others.
Played a new game before anyone else? Got early access to BETA testing of the game? Write a post, it will also interest users who expect these games or hesitate to buy the game from an official source.
Cope with a difficult task after completing a difficult game? Tell us point by point, making screenshots, how to solve it - the interested audience will be grateful, most do not know how to pass this or that level.
Are you a YouTube blogger, want to promote your channel in the direction of the gaming industry? Are you the first to watch the new trailer or announcement for the game? Share your impressions or opinion about the video or write an article about the content of your video! This will help to attract your target audience and increase the number of views of your channel, thus promoting it.
Have you tried a bunch of ways to build a gaming PC, heard about a new graphics card and tested it? Do you know which phone or mobile device is more powerful and best suited for gaming? Share these observations, believe me - most Internet users are looking for information on similar topics every day, and they will definitely appreciate your post.
You found out that a new game is coming out or the development stage is running and the release date is known, but there is no information about it yet. Share this by writing a post, with a brief description and system requirements, as well as attaching an official trailer, most of Uniongames users will be grateful to you.
Mods and patches
Are you tired of playing your favorite game with the lack of important game functions or have you found a Mod that adds missing details to the gameplay? Did you find a bug in a fresh game and were the first to find the patch to fix it? Do you know the codes for the games? Are you a game developer and want to share your game development process? Do you know how to solve physics problems in the game? Great, write an article about it. Your like-minded people will appreciate your work and take note of your experience.

Do you know any upcoming esports events? Do you have your own game team? Are you a Twitch or YouTube blogger and want to schedule your streams? Do you know what are the top game servers for corporate and network companies (games) over the Internet? Cool, share about this by posting information on the resource in the specified section. Most will read and appreciate it!

How else can we help

Speed ​​in the desired direction

Not sure if posting is worth it? Email us at In the letter, tell us about yourself and how you see the uniqueness of your material. It is highly appreciated if you already have some groundwork or at least an outline of the article. Our editors will assist by asking the necessary questions within the framework of your article and, if necessary, will suggest edits for the purpose of SEO - to optimize the text and direct it exactly to the target audience.
Important: if you are a company representative, write to

Find speakers
It's great when the text contains several views on the same problem. If you write that you are programming AI - for the game, but you cannot figure out their behavioral factor or other similar tasks in any way and you need help? Not sure where to look for such people? We will help.

Do you want to get to a profile event? Send us an email, we will contact the organizers and try to accredit you. In response, we expect you to write about the most interesting things from the game conference - at the same time you will try yourself as a correspondent.

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