Xbox heads Phil Spencer: The creation of Kinect is one of the most iconic moments in the history of Microsoft gaming division

The Kinect sensor camera is one of the biggest victories and merits of the Xbox brand.

Dec 9, 2021 - 07:09
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Phil Spencer made a corresponding statement in an interview with EDGE, discussing the cultural and historical influence of Microsoft's gaming division on the industry.

Spencer considers the creation of the Xbox Live service for the original Xbox, as well as its subsequent integration into all other consoles of the American company, to be the biggest Xbox victory in history. Nevertheless, the top manager is convinced that the development of Kinect for Xbox 360 also had a positive impact on the status of the brand and had a serious impact on the industry as a whole, as it helped expand the boundaries and helped Microsoft reach a new audience.

"Is motion control the only right way to interact with games? I don't think so. Of course, there have always been games for all ages on the market, but when we started creating things like Kinect Sports and dance projects, as well as enlisting the support of third-party developers by releasing Double Fine Happy Action Theater, we realized how different the Xbox brand could be," Spencer explained.

In addition, the head of Xbox is convinced that the work on Kinect has helped Microsoft to overestimate the importance of interacting with an audience that goes beyond "traditional gamers". Including players with physical limitations.

"Today I look at the work we have done in terms of the availability of game content, and it doesn't matter whether it's an adaptive Xbox controller or our software solutions, all these things are somehow rooted in the creation of Kinect. Not so much in the device itself, but in the idea of gaming platforms as such, and the roles they can occupy in people's lives. We still follow this philosophy," Phil Spencer concluded.

The original Kinect sensor has become very popular and has sold tens of millions of copies. Microsoft decided to complete all Xbox One consoles with the second version, and this turned out to be a mistake in the confrontation with PlayStation 4. In the fall of 2017, the camera was officially "buried", but its developments are used today in various areas not related to games.

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