Guide: Propnight - survival tips for beginners

The recently released Propnight has already managed to fall in love with many players.

Dec 29, 2021 - 01:38
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Guide: Propnight - survival tips for beginners
Guide: Pronight - survival tips for beginners to play a PC computer game.

One - for nostalgia for the same mode from Garry's Mod, the other - for the opportunity to play a less gloomy version of Dead by Daylight. And despite the fact that the gameplay of the novelty is very familiar to both of them, there are some points that both a beginner and an experienced player should know. Let's tell you more about them.

Choose your character wisely

A maniac can't choose his character, but ordinary players can. And here they differ not only in skins, because everyone starts the game with a certain object (roughly speaking, with a skill):

  • Mabel - the book (invisibility);
  • Chris - energy drink (increased movement speed);
  • Taiga - first aid kit (treatment);
  • Isaac - camera (blinding the enemy);
  • Kate - first aid kit (treatment).

In addition, each prop has its own margin of safety, so you also need to approach reincarnation tactically.

For example, a soda can and a book have 60 HP, which can be demolished with just one hit, but a refrigerator with its 160 HP margin of safety will be more difficult to overcome. Of course, more durable items are more noticeable and have a much larger hitbox, so you have to choose what is more important to you.

The best defense is an attack

If you have already been noticed and there is no point in hiding, it's time to put your eye on bigger objects with springy physics. The ideal choice is a wheel. Not only will a good double jump be available to you, but you will also be able to successfully attack the enemy. Just jump right on the maniac's head. This will allow you to force him for a short time, long enough for you to hide.

Another way to stop the killer is to use the doors. If you get into the timing, then closing the door right in front of the enemy's nose, you can stun and blind him for 5 seconds. It is impossible to re-inflict damage to the maniac at this moment, so this time can be used to escape.

In addition, if you are captured, then you can escape (usually it takes 15-20 seconds) using QTE. If you manage to do this before you are seated on a chair, then also stun the enemy for a few seconds.

Don't hide near prop machines

You always want to hide closer to the mechanism that needs to be repaired, but it's often not worth it. The fact is that if you fail when performing QTE, the location of the machine becomes visible to the killer.

Of course, the first thing a maniac player should do in this case is to check the area near the mechanism in detail. Even if you think you're not that close, don't take any chances. Banshee with her attack on the square will easily declassify you, causing damage.

Collect coins and useful items

While you are running from the killer, you will surely have time to notice gold coins floating in the air at least once. In addition, you can receive in-game currency for repairing mechanisms, attacking a maniac and saving friends.

If you ally died while chained to a maniac's chair, you can search him.

Be sure to collect this currency, because it will be useful to you in order to open the chests that can be found on each map. To do this, you need to have 1000 coins in stock.

Chests give you a random item that will help you escape. All items, as in many modern games, can be of varying degrees of rarity, which is indicated by color (white, blue, purple, gold). Depending on this, the tool can be reusable, more powerful, etc.

What items can be found in the game and how are they useful:

  • A set of tools - increases the speed of repairing and opening doors by 15 seconds;
  • Master key - allows you to untie yourself from the electric chair without the help of survivors;
  • Camera - allows you to blind the person your character is looking at (works at a very short distance);
  • Energy drink - increases your movement speed for a few seconds;
  • First aid kit - has several charges, each of which restores 10 health units (you can only treat yourself);
  • Analgesic — over time, they restore a significant part of health (unlike a first aid kit, you can use it on the go);
  • Helmet - will protect you from a single killer blow;
  • Jar with glue — when activated, the character will throw the jar in the direction of his gaze, slowing down the one the object hit for a few seconds;
  • Yellow jar - when activated, it flies in the direction of the character's gaze, blinding the one into whom this object hit for a few seconds (in this case, unlike glue, it is necessary to hit the head);
  • Book - makes the character invisible for a few seconds, and also allows you to move faster (keep in mind that an animation about a second long will be played before use);
  • Master key - allows you to instantly open the exit.

Stay close to your allies

Doing everything together is much more profitable than doing it alone. When two characters are engaged in repairing, the process goes much faster. In addition, one of you can play the role of bait while the other will try to blind the maniac.

The only scenario in which the strategy will be losing is when your opponent plays for an Imposter who knows how to pretend to be one of the survivors or an interior item.

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