Xbox Series S / X: Microsoft unveils all the key features of the new console in a 14-minute video

Microsoft seems to have put all the cards on the table. While Sony is just getting ready to allow the press to give out information about the console in a dosed manner, the creators of Xbox Series X/S released a video that showed all the key features of the new generation of devices.

Oct 26, 2020 - 14:59
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In the 14-minute video, everyone who has already purchased or is just about to purchase the Xbox Series S / X can see the new user interface, new dashboard features-dynamic themes, automatic HDR in games that did not have HDR, a demonstration of quick resume technology, a short walk around the store, and much more. Of course, the developers touched on the topic of the new gamepad, as well as the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Recall that the Xbox Series S/X will be released worldwide simultaneously on november 10.

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