A festive event has started in Overwatch - A Winter Fairy Tale

In the popular network shooter Overwatch, an event (Winter Fairy Tale) has started, timed to coincide with the New Year holidays.

Dec 17, 2021 - 06:33
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Players will be able to get hold of winter skins and other "cosmetics", mainly issued for the successful completion of weekly tasks.
The event also includes four types of brawls:

  • Ice liquidation. A 4-on-4 battle where defeated heroes do not die, but are frozen in ice blocks that their allies can melt.
  • Operation "Snowstorm". A 6 vs 6 battle where everyone plays for May, armed with a modified version of an endothermic blaster. Now one snowball hit is enough to destroy your opponent.
  • Snow fight. An all-against-all brawl where players will be able to load up to three deadly snowballs into May's blaster.
  • Bigfoot hunting. Five Mayes are fighting one Yeti with Winston's abilities. It is managed by the sixth participant.

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