Medieval Dynasty added a third-person view

The developers of the Medieval Dynasty computer game have announced the release of the first major update.

Dec 17, 2021 - 06:49
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The creators of Medieval Dynasty have announced the release of the first major update after the release, adding to the medieval survival simulator the ability to play with a third-person view.

And in honor of this, the developers have released a trailer where you can just evaluate the changes in the species when the hero is engaged in hunting and farming or building a house, as well as just traveling around the world. In addition, as the authors add, not everyone was comfortable playing in the first person (up to painful sensations), so the new opportunity should help these people.

The update also allows players to change the game settings and apply them right during the game, and not after a new start.

Recall that Medieval Dynasty came out of Steam early access at the end of September — the game receives very positive reviews in the Valve service.

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