How to unlock each companion in Hades

There are many ways to get additional items and abilities to help you progress through the game. In this article, we'll show you how to unlock companions.

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How to unlock each companion in Hades
Hades companions guide.

Companions will greatly increase your chances of escape. There are six potential partnerships in Hades. You need to give certain characters 5-6 units of nectar, complete their quests and give ambrosia.

Bettie. It is necessary to complete a quest in which you will have to measure your strength with her sisters. In battle, she summons Megaera: it deals huge damage in front of you, but you cannot use it against Furies or the last boss. In battle, you can only use it once, and in one run - no more than five, as is the case with any other companion.

Mort. Summons Thanatos in battle: After a delay, it explodes in front of you, dealing high damage, but cannot be used during encounters with Thanatos or the final boss.

Rib. Summons Skelly in battle: distracts enemies, forcing them to attack him for you, but cannot be used against the secret boss of Charon. To attach a companion to yourself, you must kill him (at his request) using the Stygian sword. Also requires a level 5 Aspect of Zagreus (consisting of 5 portions of Titan's Blood).

Shady. Summons Sisyphus in battle: deals great damage, falling from the sky and hitting the ground. No restrictions on opponents. Sisyphus asks Zag to lighten his burden. Talk to Meg, Hades and Sisyphus, and then buy the knave king's sentence for diamonds.

Fidi. Summons Dusa in battle: lasts 15 seconds, firing low-damage projectiles that petrify. However, Dusa does not want to fight Hades himself. Dusa asks Zagreus to help her renovate the living room by purchasing a rug and some pieces of furniture.

Antos. Summons Achilles in battle: deals great damage to two enemies in a row, but cannot be used against the last boss. Achilles wishes to reunite with his partner Patroclus. You also need 7 Diamonds.

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