Horizon Zero Dawn - walkthrough

Here is a detailed guide to Horizon Zero Dawn trophies for PlayStation 4 and PC. An open-world Action/RPG computer game developed by the Dutch Studio Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 game console, released on PC from July 2020.

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Horizon Zero Dawn - walkthrough
Horizon Zero Dawn - walkthrough - trophy Guide.

General information:

  • approximate difficulty of trophies: 2/10
  • Approximate time to get all achievements: 40-50 hours
  • Offline: 56 (48 Bronze , 5 Silver, 2 Gold , 1 Platinum)
  • Online: 0
  • The trophies that can be skipped: No
  • Buggy trophies: 1 – “kill 30 human enemies with a headshot / Headshot 30 human enemies "(statistics on kills and headshots may be buggy, which means that you will open battle trophies later than you should. Continue playing until they open or reinstall the game.)
  • does the difficulty level affect achievements?: No. You can pass on the light.
  • Minimum number of passes: 1


This is the perfect game for trophy lovers. As with most open-world games, trophies in HZD focus on the overall completion of the game. You must complete the story, complete side missions to unlock optional allies, and find several types of collectibles. Luckily you can buy maps from vendors that show the location of the items. There is not much to collect and the collected items can be exchanged for some nice in-game rewards from the corresponding merchants in Meridian city. One of the best items of equipment is the shield weaver armor, which absorbs all damage and makes you invulnerable. Try to get it as early as possible and find 5 fuel cells when you complete story tasks Got the Shield-Weaver outfit. In General, the trophies in the game are quite easy. Even tests on hunting grounds are quite feasible. If you have any problems with anything, come back later when you're swaying. After completing the story, you will still be able to move around the game world to collect collectibles and side activities.

Step 1: go through the story to the task “Facing death”, collect 5 fuel cells

In the first step, you must complete the story to the main task “Facing death". This is the final story quest. Don't start it yet. This is important because you need to get the “All allies joined" trophy. To get all optional allies to join the final battle, you must complete certain side quests (see the “All allies joined” trophy). Only after getting all the optional allies should you start the last quest. If you have already completed the last mission, you can replay it at any time, and therefore get a trophy after the story. In addition, your choices in dialogues do not matter, since they do not affect relations with allies in any way.

Complete the main tasks and collect 5 fuel cells. Four of them are located in the locations of story tasks. You can return at any time to collect them, even after the story ends. It will save you a little time if you get them as soon as possible. This is required for the "Got the Shield-Weaver outfit" trophy. You will get armor that will make you invincible. The sooner you get it, the better.

Collect all the collectibles that you come across, and don't hesitate to take part in any side activities, such as cauldrons or clearing bandit camps. Play the game the way you want.

Step 2: Get all optional allies, collect collectibles, and complete all side activities

Before completing the main quest "Facing death", complete and complete all 11 side quests required for the “All allies joined" trophy. Your responses in dialogs do not affect your allies. Also collect all the collectibles, clear all the bandit camps, and complete the remaining side activities.

Step 3: Complete the story

Now that you've completed side quests for all your allies, it's time to finish the final story mission. This way you will get the remaining trophies and platinum.

If you forgot to do something, you can do it after the story.

Icons of collectibles and side activities:

  • 12 ancient vessels
  • 6 robber camps
  • 6 Banuk figures
  • 4 boilers
  • 11 infected areas
  • 5 hunting grounds (15 trials)
  • 30 metallic colors
  • 6 long necks
  • 12 vantage points

All trophies obtained

You have received all the prizes in the game Horizon Zero Dawn.
Unlock all other achievements to get platinum (no DLC required).

Stealth killed 10 machines

You secretly killed 10 cars.
First, you must acquire the silent attack skill from the Hunter skill tree. It costs 1 skill point. Now sneak up on the enemy from behind and tap to kill them. You can also hide in the tall grass and lure them to you (throw a rock or use the Bait skill). When they are close enough, strike stealthily. This works best on weak machines with a small amount of health, such as Prowlers in the starting region.

3 Strikes From Above

You killed 3 opponents using the Attack from above skill.
Requires the “attack from above " skill from the Hunter skill tree. It costs 2 experience points and you must first unlock the silent attack skill.
Now whenever an enemy is below you, the game will highlight the button (R1) on the screen. Tap (R1) to jump on the enemy and kill them. This works best on weak machines with a small amount of health, such as Prowlers in the starting region. You can throw stones to lure them to places that you can jump on. Climb a small hill, throw a rock down and wait for the enemy to approach.

Tore off 10 components

You shot down 10 components from vehicles during the battle.
Larger machines contain useful components that fall off when you deal enough damage to it. Click on (R3) to scan the enemy for components and weaknesses. The easiest way to drop components from the enemy is with the help Of high-precision arrows from A high-precision bow (blue or purple). Thanks to the bow, you can instantly shoot down any component, regardless of the amount of health and the size of the machine. You can buy this bow from most merchants, for example, in Meridian city. Now go to the places where large cars appear (marked on the map) and shoot their components. There are a lot of them in the hunting Grounds in the Sun furrows.

In General, you can not bother and specifically look for opponents to get components, as you will kill and collect enough of them during the passage of the story and other tasks/activities.

10 Vulnerable machine kills

you have killed 10 burning machines that Are vulnerable to fire, or frozen machines that are vulnerable to cold.
This trophy is basically impossible to miss. At the end of the story, you will have to shoot at a variety of cars from a cannon that deals fire damage. So the trophy will open without any problems.

If you often use fire arrows for bows or freeze bombs For Slings, you can easily get a trophy. Scan the enemy by pressing (R3) to see if they are vulnerable to fire or frost. A single fire arrow or ice bomb will not be enough. When you hit an enemy, a circle is filled over the enemy. As soon as the circle is completely filled, the effect will take effect. You will see the enemy enveloped in fire or frozen by ice. Fire deals a lot of permanent damage over a short period of time. Ice freezes the enemy and allows you to smash the enemy with a single hit, as the entire body becomes brittle.

Weak to fire:

  • Sawtooth
  • Glinthawk
  • Corrupter
  • Ravager
  • Silcotub
  • Snapmaw
  • Infected machine

Weak to freeze:

  • Trampler
  • Fire Bellowback
  • Rockbreaker

Tore off 5 heavy weapons

You have torn 5 samples of heavy weapons from the cars during the battle.
Some of the larger machines, such as Thunderjaw, have available heavy weapons on the back. Thunderjaw - the best enemy to farm. It can be found in hunting grounds in Sunny Furrows, and it revives every time you start a new challenge. Use Rebound arrows from a high-precision bow (blue or purple). They instantly shoot down any component that you shoot at, regardless of the amount of health and size of the machine. You can buy this bow from most merchants, such as Meridian city or hunting grounds. Demolish 5 guns and open the trophy.

7 types of machine overridden

Unlocked and intercepted control of 7 different types of cars.

Headshot 30 human enemies

You killed 30 human opponents with a headshot.

Downed 23 Grazer dummies

First Modification

You modified weapons or clothing with a spiral or cloth.

All Acquisition machines killed

You have killed at least one instance of all Acquisition class machines.

All Recon machines killed

You have killed at least one instance of all Recon class machines.

All Combat machines killed

You have killed at least one instance of all Combat class machines.

All Transport machines killed

You have killed at least one instance of all vehicles of the Transport class type.

Reached level 10

Reached level 25

Reached level 40

Reached level 50

All Skills learned

First Tallneck Overridden

You got on Tallneck and extracted information from it.

First Bandit Camp cleared

First Core Overridden

All Suns at one Ground

You have won a half-sun or more prestigious mark in all three trials within the same hunting ground.

Blazing Suns at one Ground

You have won the shining suns in all three challenges within the same hunting ground.

First Corrupted Zone cleared

All Tallnecks Overridden

Cleared all the Bandit Camps

All Cores Overridden

You have visited all the boilers and extracted information from all the Cores.

All Suns at all Grounds

You have won a half-sun or more prestigious mark in all the hunting grounds trials.

Blazing Suns at all Grounds

All Corrupted Zones cleared

All machines catalogued

First Vantage found

First Metal Flower found

First Banuk Figure found

First Ancient Vessel found

All Vantages found

All Metal Flowers found

All Banuk Figures found

All Ancient Vessels found

Got the Shield-Weaver outfit

Followed Rost’s teachings

Defeated the Sawtooth

Triumphed in the Proving

Fought back the corruption

Learned of the ancient past

Crashed the Eclipse network

Discovered the truth

Broke the siege of All-Mother

Recovered a powerful weapon

All allies joined

Ended the war machine threat

Victorious with the War-Chief

Saved Meridian from its foe

Aided the defectors

Hunted Redmaw with Talanah

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