Resident Evil 3 - Walkthrough

Resident Evil 3 is a third-person action game with horror elements. The narrative is linear, unlike the original, there is no branching of the plot, so the game has only one ending.

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Resident Evil 3 - Walkthrough
Resident Evil 3 remake walkthrough

You, playing as Jill, wake up in your apartment. Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. This will end the dream, and you will wake up. It is necessary to bring documents: report, investigation notes, envelope and letter from a colleague. Go to the mirror for a cut-scene again.

Next, you will hear a phone call. Brad will ask you to leave the apartment. But Nemesis breaks the wall and runs after you. You will have to run away from him without looking back. When you get to the door below, the ceiling will fall and you will be saved.

Follow Brad. Zombies will appear and break through the barricade. He will be bitten by zombies. In the next alley, you will find a pistol. Run in the opposite direction to the next lane. You will be taken to the warehouse where Dario Rosso is hiding, but he refuses to follow you. There are some pistol cartridges near the exit. Leave the building and make your way under the destroyed fence to go to the parking lot. As soon as you exit the elevator, zombies will chase you. You can kill them or run away to get to another elevator that will take you to the top floor of the parking lot. There Jill is waiting for a helicopter, but it is destroyed. Jill uses the car to take out Nemesis. Then Carlos appears and takes you to the metro station. Follow him to the station, where you will meet Mikhail. Collect the Ammo Crafting Guide and visit the newsstand.

Climb higher to find a safe with a yellow lock on the second floor. In the last room with the typewriter, there is another locked item with a yellow lock that can be opened with a pick. Examine the table for a herbal guide. There is a large clock in the corner. If you find three gems and insert them into the watch, you can get a hip bag to increase your inventory. Once you finish all preparations and inspection, go outside and move along the alley. You will find a toy store with the same yellow padlock. Again, he needs a master key. Keep this location in mind, as there is a hidden box inside the store with one of the three gems needed for a watch in the subway station. On the opposite side there is a shop. A box with a second gem is hidden inside. But there is a chain on the door, and it requires a bolt cutter. Go to the end of the street where you need to put out the fire. Approach the fence for the zombies to break it. Go down the alley. You will find a safe that can be opened with a combination - nine to the left, one to the right, eight to the left. Next to him lies the magazine of the owner of the pharmacy. Go outside and go to the the office of the local metro. In the corridor itself, you can find a fire hose. In the office, look for a memo from a subway employee and a shotgun locked in a locker. The door is locked with a chain that can be cut with a bolt cutter. In addition, there is a case that can be opened with a master key. After receiving the fire hose, return to the alley. This time, you will need to go through the donut diner.

There is also another locker with a yellow lock and a third box with a precious stone. Get back to the alley. Use a fire hose on a nearby hydrant to put out the fire. Then head to the new building, where you will find another room with a typewriter, a locked cabinet with a yellow padlock and bolt cutters hanging on the wall. There is a chain-linked door nearby. You can cut it with a new tool. You can also use the chain to get to the above store at the beginning of the street. You can also unlock a small alley to the side of the diner and a wall cabinet with a shotgun in subway offices. In the next room you will meet Nikolai. Find a workout log. Go outside, in a dead end on the right you can find a corpse with a suicide note. Go left and remove the electrician's notice from the wall. It hangs next to a blocked alley. The next alley will have a fence and a generator. Here you are attacked by two zombie dogs at once, so be careful. Shoot the generator to stun them. The next building you enter is an electrical substation. On the first floor there is a locked cabinet with a yellow padlock, and on the second floor there is a room with a hip bag and a fax from the substation manager.

Nearby, below, there is a document on green herb and pots of green herb. Take it if it is not already in your inventory. Combine the two green herbs as you will need them very soon. Exit and go to the corpse with the box, inside which the master key is hidden. Now that you have collected the bolt cutter and the master key, you can return to all the above doors, lockers and cases, closed with chains and yellow locks, and open them, collecting absolutely all the items and fully exploring the city. Use the lock pick to open the door with a yellow lock nearby to get to the power substation. Remove the substation memo from the wall nearby. During the video, you will be infected with a spider that suddenly appears. Treat parasite poisoning with green herb. Otherwise, you will die from infection. The same can happen if you fall under the hot hand of enemies in the next section. Inside the tunnels, you need to activate four generators. There will be a staircase in the middle of the tunnels. Activate all four generators. Now you need to return to the metro office. However, not everything is so simple: Jill will pursue Nemesis. This will happen as soon as you leave the building. You can stun him for a few seconds, thanks to which you will knock out the improvement for the pistol from the enemy. Or try to run away from him. It will also appear in an open area with a collapsed fence and on streets near metro offices. Inside the control room, you'll need to solve a simple puzzle. After you restore power, you will have to return to the metro station. Go to the donut diner and see a cutscene with Nemesis. He will start using a new technique: infecting ordinary zombies, turning them into alpha hunters. Now they can grab you by the head and use a long tentacle to attack from a decent distance. Stun Nemesis or try to hide from him to return to the subway. Here Jill will protect Carlos, deciding to divert the attention of Nemesis. He will chase you. Run along the narrow corridor to a small warehouse. Pay attention to the explosive barrel. When Nemesis is near her, shoot at the object to slow and stun the enemy. Use this moment to knock down the yellow ventilation grid and hide from the enemy. In the room to the right, there is a sewer map on the wall. There will be a door in front, to unlock which you need a special battery. Since you cannot unlock the door, slide down through the hole to the lower level of the sewer. Move forward until you reach a fork. First, go to the left to face the gamma hunters. They can literally kill you with one attack if you get close to them. The open mouth of the monster is a vulnerable spot. These opponents have a weakness for fire grenades. At the end of this tunnel, you will find a second room. Inside is the grenade launcher and the research assistant's journal. Go back and this time move to the other side of the fork. You will encounter gamma hunters along the way, so proceed with extreme caution. Climb up the stairs and pick up the battery. There is also a locked locker and a letter here. Go back to the door for which the battery was needed. There will be a staircase upstairs near where you slid down. Use it. use the battery on the panel at the door, kill the hunter in the adjacent room and open the locked grate, being on the other side. This way you can take a shortcut and get the battery back. There is another door nearby that requires a battery. She leads into a room with a hip bag. Having taken it and saved, go out and take the battery. Go to the very end and go down the stairs. Use the battery to open the nearest door to reveal the stairs leading up. As soon as you climb up the stairs, Jill will be attacked by Nemesis. This time the enemy will use a new weapon - a flamethrower.

Run away from him, ignoring the zombies, and make your way to the territory of the construction site. Continue upward while hiding from Nemesis. This is a linear path, so you won't get lost. Right in front of the very top, you will find a typewriter. Save, pick up the demolition delay notice and follow above. Your first real fight against Nemesis will begin here. Nemesis uses his flamethrower in battle. Your target is the balloon on your back. Shoot it until it explodes. For a moment, the enemy will kneel, creating the illusion that the fight is over. However, soon the boss will get up and use what is left of the flamethrower as a melee weapon. Continue to shoot the enemy, who will be much more mobile this time. Eventually he will fall. This time, a video will start, and you will find yourself on the streets of the city.
Follow the path and climb the fire truck to be near the police station entrance. Go to the end of the street to the gun store. There is a gate key on the wall Take it and unlock the gate next to the store. Walk through the alley into the building. There is another locked case and document on the second floor.

Outside, you will encounter Nemesis, who will chase you using a rocket launcher. Run from him or attack to knock him down. Keep following the only path until the video starts. You will find yourself on the roof next to the diner. Go downstairs. The only place you haven't been is the toy store staircase. As soon as you climb it, a huge head will start rolling on you. Run back to where you came from to dodge her. Once she slows down, Nemesis will reappear. Run back to the metro station. Soon you will meet Carlos, at the gas station, who will help you escape from Nemesis. When you get to the train, the first part will end.

Now, while controlling Carlos, move forward to see the cut-scene. Kill the brainwashed Brad and take the ID to gain access to the cases. Instead of entering the building, go back to where this part started. Go down to the small room, from where you send the file by email. Now you can go into the building itself, where Tyrell is waiting for you. As soon as he opens the gate, take the protocols from the bench. Follow further into the hall until you find yourself in a hallway with several zombies and many doors. First, go to the west office, where there is an arrest report. There will also be a safe in which a hip bag is hidden. Open it with a combination - nine to the left, seven to the right and fifteen to the left. Then go to the room under the stairs and take the next document. Follow the stairs to the upper floor, take the key and open the locker by entering the DCM code. After receiving the key, return to the locked door through which you came here. Inside you will find a note. Open the locker and take the battery. Beware of the monster waiting in front of the room and ready to attack immediately when you have the key. With the battery, go up to the second floor. Take the note to a friend from the bench and open the locker using the CAP code. Combine the battery with the electronic gadget on the wall to get the detonator.

You will find yourself trapped with several zombies. As soon as you deal with them, go to the office. Collect the incident report at the mansion. He lies in a small office. After changing the character, follow the path again to the room. Take the document on the new weapon, lying on the bench. In the next corridor, there will be several zombies and beds standing on both sides. After going up the stairs, you can find a brochure about the clock tower. Once up the stairs, a short escape episode will begin, followed by a battle against Nemesis in a new form. Shoot at him from the strongest weapon, and when he starts running along the walls, shoot mines from the grenade launcher. You need to shoot at the wall the enemy is running towards in order to throw it off and attack with another weapon. His vulnerable spot is on his chest. Keep repeating this until you finally defeat him. Collect all the items you need. As soon as you approach the gate, the monster will wake up and infect you. You find yourself in the room where Jill is infected with the virus. Exit here and follow through the new door. At the reception, where the first zombies will appear, you can find a memo lying in a newsstand. Take the player and the nurse's journal from the laboratory reception. Go through the door on the left. Go up the stairs on the right and on the top floor go through the first door on the left to the roof. The zombies on the floor are still alive, so be careful. Go through the door at the other end of the roof, head right, down the hallway and ignore the first broken window. Instead, go to the second, make your way inside the room and take the key. After exiting the roof this time, go to the first room on the left. There is a map next to the door. Inside is a nurse's journal. Leave this room and go through the door on your left to the staff room. There is another nurse's journal inside. There is a note from the administration on the wall near the door. It was to this door that you found the key. Walk inside and take the hospital ID card from the locker on the left.

After receiving an ID card, go back, but when you open the door to the corridor, enemies will appear. From that moment on, many of them will find themselves in different parts of the hospital. Walk between the windows and go to the nurse's post in front. This room has an audio recording for the player. She lies on the table. There is also a safe nearby, which can be opened with a combination of nine to the left and three to the right. After opening the door, follow the corridor to the treatment room, where there is an audio cassette that needs to be combined with the player. Go back downstairs and open the door to the operating room, which contains a document on missing items and several consumables. With the audio cassette in hand, return to the same place where you found the player, and use it to open the door. Bard is inside. Nearby is a memo about the invitation to the banquet. Interact with the computer to find Nathaniel Bard's letter. Go through the opened door, take the vaccine sample and return to Jill. After Jill is healed, you will have to fend off the attack of zombies breaking through the windows. After some time, the light will go out, the hunter will break down the door. Kill him, go through the door and turn on the light. In the same room, you will find the last hip bag for Carlos. After defeating a large number of zombies, you will have to use the detonator to blow up the convoy. The episode ends when the 30-second countdown ends.

You can now control Jill again. Make your way through the hospital, opening many locks with a lockpick. These will be your last lockers and doors to open. You can now throw away the pick. In addition, on the second floor there is a small room with a hole through which Carlos refused to crawl. Jill is more petite, so she can use it. Make your way there to find yourself in a hidden place. Jump through the window and take the weapon. This is the last in the game. Go through the door that was opened at the reception and follow the only path until you reach a huge room with an elevator. Take the elevator down, then go even lower on the next elevator on the left. You will be taken to a safe room. There is a lift notification and a hip bag. Go to the warehouse, jump down and go to the elevator. Try to use it. Unfortunately, the fuses will blow. You need to find three pieces. Activate the small lift behind you to get to the first fuse. Follow the path further, go up the stairs and follow the lift from above, towards the first elevator to find the second fuse. Be careful as a gamma hunter will emerge from one of the containers. Now go back and use the door you should have missed. There is a memo inside the room. Go through the door on the left, go down the stairs and pick up the third fuse. Be careful as the hunter will appear. Go up the stairs, back, and open another door that will return you to a safe room. Return to the elevator and go upstairs. Examine the computer to receive a note. Also behind the dashboard, on the right side, look for a hip bag. Go through the door ahead to find a safe room that contains a new employee rules document and a location map. Go upstairs and at the end of the corridor, on the left hand you will find a diary. Go through the only door in this corridor and you will find yourself in front of the vaccine mixing device.

On one of the beds is a note on vaccine synthesis. Examine the computer in the corner to get a USB flash drive with security codes. Return down with the flash drive and use it on the door with the red panel, which you passed earlier. Inside the room, dead bodies in sacks hanging from the ceiling, are a delivery notice on the table. First, go upstairs to the first laboratory and take away the weapon authorization request lying on the table. Remove the vaccine base from the mixer. Return to the bag room and go through another door. Immediately after entering the new room, go to the right and near the corpse you will find a file with the scientist's posthumous note. Go downstairs, activate the battery and follow the path to the incubation laboratory, where you can find a tube with liquid. There is also a new document. Mix both test tubes in inventory and follow the lift back. A group of hunters will jump out of their capsules, so be careful. Once you defeat them, return to the mixer room and place the sample in it. The solution to the riddle is as easy as shelling pears, medium, high, low. As soon as you get the vaccine, you will be attacked by Nemesis.

After that, you will find yourself in a room with a document hanging on the wall. Next, several battles with Nemesis will begin, so prepare for them. Two battles await you. In the first fight, you will need to shoot at Nemesis several times for him to fall to the ground. Carlos will appear, who will prompt Jill. Nemesis will run up the walls and hide behind cisterns. You must shoot at the red shields on the cistern behind which Nemesis is hiding. All of them are numbered, and Carlos will tell you which tank the enemy stopped behind. If successful, Nemesis will be electrocuted and you will be able to land him several safe shots. Repeat actions until you defeat your opponent. Watch out for the zombies that appear every time Nemesis runs up the wall. After the battle, you will find yourself in the final room. Take the document and prepare for the last battle. As soon as the battle begins, turn around, open the capsule and pick up a huge cannon. Having shot at Nemesis, you will have to destroy several growths on the monster's body. As soon as you do this, you can safely interact with the red capsules on the side walls. Push in only one at a time, and then repeat the procedure for removing the growths. After inserting everything, you can attack Nemesis a second time using your weapon.

After the battle, go up the stairs and pick up the document from the floor. Move to the elevator, go up and watch the final cut-scene.

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