Base One - A space base management simulator has been announced

Pixfroze and Blowfish Studios present Base One's ability to build settlements in space.

Base One - A space base management simulator has been announced
Base One is a space station simulator with hardcore survival and RPG mechanics.

The developers describe Base One as a strategy with RPG elements, where you have to control a network of stations, complete tasks and take care of the well-being of the crew.


After a huge wormhole tore apart the moon, a wave of natural disasters swept the Earth. Earth Global Union launched the Space Program Solution to explore the wormhole and try to find a new home for humanity. The head of the Solution program is you, and you have to expand your fleet, find valuable minerals and new planets for settlement. You may even be able to save the Earth from environmental disaster.


  • Fleet control of space stations located in different parts of the galaxy.
  • The selection of crew members from a variety of candidates, each of which has its own advantages, characteristics and features that will help you complete certain tasks.
  • Management of limited resources: energy, heating, oxygen and water.
  • Using artillery to destroy asteroids and space pirates.
  • The ability to create your own campaign with unique conditions and missions.

Base One is slated for release in Q2 2021 on PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series and Nintendo Switch.