The demo version of Giants Uprising will become unavailable on Thursday

The Polish studio Var Game, as promised, has released the research action movie Giants Uprising into early Steam access. The game is sold with a 10% release discount.

Players will find themselves in the center of a confrontation between humans and giants. Our hero, a prisoner of people, is forced to fight in the arena for their entertainment. But one day everything changes: he manages to break free. Now he is going to take revenge by exterminating as many offenders as possible and destroying their settlements.

Those who are still thinking about buying can get acquainted with the free demo version. But it's worth hurrying: on Thursday, November 4, it will be removed again, possibly to be re-released after a while, with new content.

The developers have already released a set of products based on the game, which will be sold only during the stay of Giants Uprising in early access. It includes an aromatic candle with a stylish candlestick, an anti-stress squeezing lamb, a leather bracelet and a T-shirt, as well as the Steam code of the game. The set was estimated at 149 euros.