Guide: Which club to choose in career mode in FIFA 22

Despite the fact that, as in the last iterations of the series, the career mode in FIFA 22 is diligently relegated to the background, for many fans of the series this is still one of the main reasons to launch this game at all.

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Guide: Which club to choose in career mode in FIFA 22
Let's figure it out together: Which club to choose in FIFA 22 computer game.

What could be more exciting for a football fan than the opportunity to lead the team to victory with your own hands? However, choosing the wrong club at the very beginning can greatly spoil all the fun.

Therefore, we present to your attention the five best clubs, depending on how difficult a game you want.

The simplest club in FIFA 22 is Manchester United.

Budget: $224,514,000.

Difficulty level: it couldn't be easier.

An ideal choice for those who have never tried a career mode or have not delved into the mechanics of club management. And Manchester is also suitable for those who have not played for a long time.

With this club, you will have a star team at the start, so you will not need to strain yourself too much. And a huge budget will allow you to buy the best of the best, if you really want to. In general, no sweat.

The club for those who want a minor challenge is Paris Saint-Germain

Budget: $188,812,000.

Difficulty level: simple.

If managing Manchester United is just outrageous and can get boring, then PSG is only a little more difficult. So much so that you still have an interest in playing, and at the same time you didn't have to worry too much. This club practically does not need management and allows you to play without strain. At the same time, there are slightly fewer star players here (as well as the budget).

Club for a normal game in FIFA 22 - RB Leipzig

Budget: $81,198,000.

Difficulty level: normal.

The best club for those who need a golden mean. On the one hand, you will still have a pretty impressive budget and a team of young and talented players at your disposal. On the other hand, you will have to spend time and effort competing with more successful teams.
Here you will have to delve into the mechanics of the game and correctly allocate resources, investing in strong players and increasing the power of the club.

A club for those who like a moderate challenge — "Lille"

Budget: $18,585,000.

Difficulty level: harder than usual.

If you want to sweat, but at the same time so that the task is not on the verge of impossible, then you can't find a better LOSC Lille club. In career mode, you will have to compete with the previously mentioned Paris Saint-Germain. Unlike the non-strenuous passage for PSG, it will not be easy to fight for influence in the same league with an immensely rich club (but it will be damn exciting).
To succeed, you will have to not only understand the mechanics of the game, but also lean on the search for young talents — the budget will not allow you to roam on the transfer of stars, and slightly more successful colleagues in the league will quickly take to themselves the one you did not have time to poach.

The most difficult club in FIFA 22 is Salford City

Budget: $2,242,000.

Difficulty level: Hardcore.

Do you want a challenge? Do you like to root for the underdogs? Then your choice is a modest Salford City club. Even with competent management, the first seasons with him will be as difficult as possible.
The club doesn't have the worst players at the start, so it's still realistic to take the championship title. However, a tiny budget by the standards of other clubs from the list will force you to make only balanced decisions and approach the game as pragmatically as possible. We think this is the perfect combination for hardcore fans.
But when you take the cup, you will be able to brag about your achievement in front of all other players.

And which club do you think is ideal for passing the "career"? Tell us your choice in the comments!

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