Guide: How to transfer money to another player in GTA Online

The essence of Grand Theft Auto Online is the joint violation of law and order, and for this, money is sometimes needed.

Nov 9, 2021 - 04:48
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Guide: How to transfer money to another player in GTA Online
Guide: How to transfer money to another player in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Unfortunately, the process of transferring funds from one player to another is not very intuitive and obvious. We help newcomers and those who have not been in the game for a long time to deal with this (because direct money transfers and some old methods are no longer available in 2021).

There is no direct way to transfer money in the game anymore. Moreover, it will not be possible to share a large sum right away.

Method 1 - Reward for the head

The most popular way to transfer a large amount to another player is to assign a reward for someone's head. This is a kind of indirect method of money transactions in the game, which, although it does not violate any rules, can be called an exploit.
As a "victim", you can choose a third friend. It is best in this situation to immediately stand next to and coordinate using voice communication in Discord or another similar application.

  1. Make sure you have rank 10.
  2. Pick up the phone and call Lester.
  3. Specify the player and the amount.

If you can't find a third participant in the "transaction", then you can use someone from the newcomers nearby.
The amount limit in this case is 9 thousand dollars.

Method 2 - Transfer of a share for joint tasks

A more effective method of transaction to the player, however, unlike the first, and more labor-intensive. But in fact, this is the only direct way to "transfer" money from one player to another.
The fact is that after you complete the operation, the reward can be distributed among the participants of the action arbitrarily. In other words, you can give a friend a percentage of your share.

Such a division is available in robberies. The more people participate, the more income, so if you want to help a friend get hold of dollars and at the same time complete tasks, then this is the best way to combine business with pleasure.
You can share money not only immediately after the mission, but also some time later (within one game session).

  1. Make sure that you and the player are friends.
  2. Go to the interaction menu.
  3. Go to the inventory.
  4. Select cash, and then - cash from the last case. After that, you can specify how many percent of your revenue you want to give to a friend.
  5. Don't forget to click on "Accept".

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