Twitch is testing the function of paid promotion of streamers

A few days after the announcement of security tools designed to protect streamers from raids, Twitch is starting to experiment with a new feature that will allow users to pay money for the promotion of streams.

Twitch is testing the function of paid promotion of streamers
Twitch launches a service for paid promotion of streamers.

Rumors about this initially appeared on social networks, and then, as part of the 5th episode of the Twitch Patch Notes broadcast, an official announcement was made on the official channel of the streaming platform.

With the introduction of the Boost this Stream feature, viewers can support their favorite streamer and help him get to the Twitch homepage. At any moment of the broadcast, a pop-up notification will appear, informing viewers within 10 minutes that the appropriate option is available. Users can pay for a number of recommendations: 1000 pieces at a price of 0.99 cents and 3000 - for $ 2.97. Previously, it was required to spend chat points to promote the stream, but Twitch decided to change this feature.

During the test period, Boost this Stream will be available to a limited number of streamers. It is not yet clear when it will appear on all channels. Product manager at Twitch Jacob Brosok said that the updated promotion model appeared based on community feedback.