Download the best NPC mods for Minecraft

Adventure in the game world of Minecraft - an incredible experience. Not only because of the difficulties you face or the things that can be built, but also because of the different players that come across during this long journey.

1. Mod: Alchemist NPC

Mod: Alchemist NPC
NPC Alchemist introduces an alchemist to Minecraft.

NPC Alchemist introduces the alchemist to Minecraft — a new non-player character with whom you can make three deals. Yes, the mod is not very big, but it is exactly what you need if you want to add a little magic to the game world of Minecraft.

Download mod - Alchemist NPC

2. Mod: FAIRY

The Fairy mod V6 adds fairies to the game as neutral mobs.

Yes, fairies look cute, but they can also cause serious damage to the player. Especially in Minecraft! The Fairy mod adds fairies as neutral mobs that appear in certain locations.

Once you meet one of them, you have two choices: make friends to get a loyal companion in your squad, or attack by dealing with her and all her friends. We would choose the latter. It seems more fun this way.

Download mod - Fairy V6


Minecraft builders - people mobs start building structures without your participation.

It's time to let non-player characters do all the dirty work for you! Builders adds 10 new mobs (people) to the game, which spawn above the ground and start building structures without your participation.

They follow the mayor's orders and eventually build a small market town. If you want to direct their efforts to your advantage, you can hang some signs that will affect their behavior.

Download mod - Minecraft builders


Delivery Merchants mod - allows you to add 12 different types of sellers.

Trading is an essential element not only in real life, but also in the virtual world of Minecraft. Delivery Merchants allows you to add 12 different types of sellers, each with a unique store.

Although the mod is not very useful for everyday play (since it is intended mainly for modders), we believe that the add-on offers something good and versatile, which is why it deserves to be mentioned in the list.

Download mod - Delivery Merchants


MCU Custom NPC mod - Marvel is moving into cinematic Minecraft universe.

Marvel is moving into cinematic Minecraft universe! The MCU Custom NPC mod adds more than 100 characters from the most popular comics to the game: heroes, villains, and even minor characters who are usually not given enough time to prove themselves.

To use this pack, you will need to install several more mods. But it's worth it, because you will find yourself among the gods and heroes.

Download mod - MCU Custom NPC

6. Better Questing: NPC Integration MOD

Better Questing: NPC Integration MOD
Better Quest: NPC Integration - adds RPG elements to Minecraft.

Better Quest: NPC Integration allows you to add full-fledged RPG elements to Minecraft! This means that the game will have new dialogues, quests and all the mechanics that make the genre of role-playing titles so exciting.

And if you're really ambitious, why not turn Minecraft into an MMORPG? Of course, it will take you a huge number of hours, but think about the fame you will get online!

Download mod - Better Questing: NPC Integration


MILLÈNAIRE Mod - send you to the past, a thousand years ago.

Welcome to the year 1000 ad! The next mod generates settlements of different cultures of the eleventh century: Normans, North Indians, Mayans, Japanese, and Byzantines. In each village, the player will be able to bargain with the residents and find a task for which you can get a small reward.

In addition, updated farmers, unlike vanilla, do not waste time in vain: they build and improve buildings, and each has its own story. And you can influence many of them if you want, just by helping to solve various problems.

Download mod - MILLÈNAIRE