Guide: The best builds for a single game in Back 4 Blood

Thanks to Back 4 Blood card system, you can create character builds tailored specifically to your style of play.

Guide: The best builds for a single game in Back 4 Blood
The best builds for a computer game in Back 4 Blood when playing solo.

A good deck will help you survive at higher difficulty levels, especially if you decide to play solo.

There are a lot of cards in the game, and very soon your eyes will start to run away from their abundance. So that you don't get confused, we have compiled a selection of the most useful maps for the most common styles of play — melee, support, snipers and pure damagers.

It is better to consider each of these builds as the basis for compiling your personal set, because everyone plays a little differently. For the same reason, we did not include such universal cards as "Attack" and "Energy Bar" in the lists.

The best melee build in Back 4 Blood

The most suitable characters for this style of passing are Holly and Evangelo.

Holly has 10% damage resistance, which makes her the best cleaner when it comes to melee. In addition, she gets 10 stamina for each kill and increases the team's stamina by 25 points.

Evangelo restores stamina 25% better than the others, breaks out of the grips 75% more efficiently and gives a small boost to the team's speed. So he's a good alternative in case you don't want to play for Holly.

Any melee weapon will work with the assembly below. But at first it's better to keep a shotgun handy - just in case.

Which cards should I pay attention to:

Berserker: +10% to melee, +10% to melee speed, +5% to team movement speed for 4 seconds after killing with melee weapons.
Combat Knife: Replaces a hand strike with a knife attack.
Thirst for battle: Killing in melee gives +2 to health.
Meth Addict: +40% melee attack, +40% stamina recovery. Melee weapons don't get stuck in the bodies of big enemies. But you can't shoot from the shoulder.
Look your fears in the face: +3 to health if you kill an infected person at a distance of no more than 2 meters.
Local Anesthesia: +15% damage resistance as long as you have a temporary health reserve.
Madness and Courage: +30% stamina, +30% melee attack speed, -5% damage resistance.
Enforcer: +5 to health, +10% to the effectiveness of the use of endurance in melee, +20% of the attack speed in melee.
Improved cardio training: +20% to endurance, +20% to sprint, +5 to health.
Evasion maneuver: When receiving 10 or more points of damage, it gives +20% to the movement speed for 3 seconds.
Robber: Melee kills give a 2% chance of weapon spawn.

The best build for an assault/sniper rifle in Back 4 Blood

If you want to play armed with a sniper rifle (or just an assault rifle), then the best cleaner is Walker. He gets a +20% accuracy bonus for 5 seconds after killing with a sight.

Walker also gives the team an additional 10 health points, which can help out in difficult situations.

The best card for this character is "One is not enough". It allows you to take with you as many as two main weapons, which is very useful if you want to play a sniper. However, the time for replacing weapons with it will be increased, so try to keep your distance and not delay switching at the last moment.

What other cards should I pay attention to:

Ill-conceived strategy: +30% damage to weak points, -5% damage resistance.
Killer of the possessed: +20% damage to the weak points of the infected.
Super concentration: +50% damage to vulnerabilities, -75% to the movement speed of the sight.
Observation: Kills from more than 15 meters give 5 temporary health points to all comrades who are 10 meters away from the hit target.
Powerful Volley: Targeted kills increase by 20% the chance that an infected person will explode, dealing 15 damage to another 4 meters away from him.
Patient Hunter: Every second you aim, the damage increases by 10% (up to 30%).
Rifle pouch: +30% to the amount of ammunition for a sniper rifle, +10% to the damage for a sniper rifle.
Shredder: Each bullet hit causes the target to take 1% more damage for 3 seconds.
Line them up in a row: bullets from an assault rifle pierce the target.
Tactical Vest: +30% to ammo for assault rifles, +10% to rifle damage.
Wide magazine shaft: +30% cooldown rate, -5% damage resistance.
Silver Bullets: +10% bullet damage, bullets penetrate the target.
Recharge exercises: +20% to the recharge rate.
Trigger Control: +25% accuracy when using assault and sniper rifles.
Sadism: + 5% damage to weak points for each shot with the sight for 10 seconds.

The best build for support in Back 4 Blood

To play as a support character, Mother and Doc are best suited thanks to the bonuses they give.
For example, a Mother can instantly raise a teammate once for completing a level, she has more appropriate inventory. In addition, the Mother gives the team an extra life.

Passive Doc skills increase injury resistance by 25% and treatment effectiveness by 30%. She can also heal each character for 25 health points once per level, without having any special tools in her inventory.

These characters are combined with any weapon, because the main emphasis when playing for them is on supporting teammates.

Which cards should I pay attention to:

Revenge for a friend: when one of the team is immobilized, the rest of the players get 25 health in 20 seconds.
Support Item Collector: Support items nearby are highlighted to you, and the game will spawn more of these things.
Kind soul: when treating a teammate, you get half of the amount of health that you restored to him.
Antibiotic: to 20% of the effectiveness of treatment.
Parting words: +150% to the speed of the teammate's return to service, -5% to damage resistance.
Ammonia: + 100% to the rate of resuscitation.
Combat Medic: +50% to the speed of use, heals teammates for an additional 20 health points after their resuscitation.
Poultice: When using a medical item, the target is treated for an additional 20 health points for 30 seconds.
Group therapy: When using a medical item, the whole team receives 5 health points.
Revenge for the fallen: someone from the team is immobilized, everyone gets +30% damage, +20% reload speed and infinite ammo for 10 seconds.
Boldness in pills: painkillers give +25% damage for 60 seconds.

The best build for semi-automatic and automatic in Back 4 Blood

For this style of passing, you definitely need Hoffman. He increases the ammunition of the entire team, can carry an additional grenade and finds more ammunition. An ideal candidate for the role of a damager. As in the case of Walker and rifles, the first necessary card for him can be considered "One is not enough".

What other cards should I pay attention to:

Pouch for two grenades: + 2 places for grenades, -10% of damage.
Collector of attack items: Grenades located nearby are highlighted. More of these items will also spawn.
Weapons to fight: +50% to the speed of switching between weapons, -5% of damage resistance.
Infected Killer: +20% damage to weak points.
Ill-conceived strategy: +30% of vulnerability damage, -5% of damage resistance.
Tactical Vest: +30% to rifle ammunition, +10% to rifle damage.
Minesweeper: +50% grenade damage, -15% ammo.
Squire: +75% to ammo, but you can't wear healers.
Combat Training: +5% bullet damage, +50% bullet penetration strength.
Ammo Collector: Nearby cartridges are highlighted and more of them will spawn.