Rain on Your Parade

Travel the world as a cute cardboard cloud and ruin everyone's day! Unlock new mischief techniques across 50 levels, each with unique settings and goals. Make new friends and help them too - this is a charming schadenfreude game!

Rain on Your Parade
Rain on Your Parade is a fun game in the genre of comedy.

Rain on Your Parade: Cloud-vrednyuchka — this is a fun game in the genre of comedy, where you have to control the prankster Cloud, who wants to ruin the life of absolutely everyone. Go through different levels, unlock new abilities and mechanics that are getting weirder and weirder.

Travel the world

Travel the world and invent new ways to wreak havoc and destruction. Turn a perfect sunny wedding day into a rainy and wet one, unleash thunder and lightning on the city, create a commotion in the supermarket, destroy crops, make your way to the military base and throw meteors at the dinosaurs! Yes, even dinosaurs are in danger!

Unlock new abilities

As you progress through the game, you'll unlock fun new ways to cause trouble for everyone around you. Drive people out of shelters with thunder, set fire to everything in your path with lightning, launch tornadoes and lift objects into the air, and throw explosives and even meteorites!

Features of the game

* Ruin people's lives with rain, thunder, lightning, tornadoes and many other abilities.
* Travel the world and complete more than 50 levels. Cancel weddings, destroy cities, farms, military bases, parking lots, and more.
* Create a mischievous Cloud. Draw a unique face and choose a hat.
* The cheerful wacky soundtrack fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game.

Publisher: Unbound Creations

Release Date: Apr 15, 2021