Sony has revealed new details of Horizon Forbidden West for PS4 and PS5

Horizon Forbidden West role-playing game will offer a number of important changes in the gameplay, against the background of the first part.

Dec 24, 2021 - 02:48
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In the latest issue of GameInformer magazine, developers from the Guerrilla Games studio told more about their brainchild.

  • In total, Forbidden West has six branches of the leveling tree, focusing on different styles. We are talking about the path of a warrior (melee), a trapper (traps), a survival specialist (endurance, health, amount of resources), a spy (stealthy movement and attacks), a hunter (ranged combat) and a machine lord (hacking opponents).
  • Players will be able to develop each of the branches in parallel, mixing skills in any convenient order. At the end of each of them you will find one particularly powerful and spectacular reception.
  • Some abilities are fully active skills, while others give Eloy passive bonuses. Many can be consistently improved several times in a row, increasing their performance. In addition, the armor also gives additional passive upgrades.
  • At least one new element will appear in the game — acid. In particular, Eloy will be able to use special "acid arrows", especially useful against specific types of opponents.
  • The crafting system in Forbidden West has been completely redesigned. Now players need to find special machines that allow them to modify, improve and even create equipment. For all these manipulations, you will need a lot of rare resources, including parts of other machines, which should spur players to actively engage in battles with opponents, tactically "removing" weapons and armor elements from them.
  • Weapon upgrades involve at least several levels. With each of them, you will not only increase the basic damage indicators, but also be able to unlock additional features, such as new ammunition, including the "acid arrows" mentioned above.
  • Armor can be improved from three to five times. Each level of pumping moves forward the protection indicators, as well as passive bonuses.
  • Against the background of the changed melee mechanics, a new type of activity will appear in Horizon Forbidden West - battle arenas. There, presumably, Eloy will be able to participate in battles with other hunters and warriors.
  • Giant machines can attack with Eloy charged piles of excavated garbage.
  • In Forbidden West, there will be more situations where Eloy fights in the company of other characters. Satellites can not only provide support in combat, but also, for example, throw up additional ammunition and ammunition.
  • Secondary tasks in the game are made in such a way that the player does not lose motivation to perform them. For optional missions, the developers have prepared their own rare rewards.
  • Cutscenes in Horizon Forbidden West are created taking into account new technologies for capturing movements and facial animation, which should give them more gloss and expressiveness.
  • To date, the developers have not revealed all the tribes that will appear in Horizon Forbidden West. Some old characters will return. Among them is Petra.

Recall that the worldwide premiere of Horizon Forbidden West will take place on February 18, 2022 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

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