An enthusiast showed how realistic water would look in Minecraft

Minecraft is a computer game that to this day remains one of the most popular games among developers of modifications.

Dec 24, 2021 - 03:28
Dec 24, 2021 - 03:29
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An enthusiast showed how realistic water would look in Minecraft
How realistic can water look in the computer game Minecraft.

Literally everything is subject to changes in the Minecraft computer game, starting from the appearance, individual mechanics and ending with the integration of modern technologies, such as ray tracing.

Also popular are videos showing things that have not yet been implemented in practice, but are possible in the future. In particular, a Reddit user showed how realistic the water in Minecraft could be in theory. And it turned out great.

And here we are not talking about graphics, but about the implementation of physics. In the video created with the help of Blender, you can see how the player breaks the block, after which the jet begins to flow rapidly from the resulting hole and fill the room with itself, starting from the walls. This is not often seen even in AAA projects.

We remind all Minecraft fans that a New Year's event with a lot of gifts is taking place in the game until January 17.

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