A huge leak at Twitch: the source code of the entire site, data on payments to streamers and not only were leaked to the Network

4chan announced the leak of personal data of users of the streaming platform of computer video games, this situation hypothetically puts everything connected with Twitch at serious risk.

Oct 6, 2021 - 07:04
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A huge leak at Twitch: the source code of the entire site, data on payments to streamers and not only were leaked to the Network
Anonymous users claim to have hacked the popular streaming platform twitch.tv and report that they have received users' personal data in a very large volume.

According to anonymous, they have at their disposal a huge archive with data, where there is the source code of many projects, internal information, chat logs and so on.

The archive is divided into several parts. Apparently, only the first part has been posted in the public domain so far. It occupies 125 gigabytes and, according to hackers, contains the following source code:

  • "The whole Twitch.tv", including a very early history of actions with the code.
  • Twitch clients for phones, computers and consoles.
  • Proprietary tools and internal services from Amazon that are used on Twitch.
  • "All the rest of Twitch's property", including the IGDB game database and the CurseForge mod platform (formally, it no longer belongs to Twitch).
  • An unreleased Steam competitor from Amazon Game Studios. According to VGC, it was created under the code name Vapor.
  • The internal tools of the so—called "red team" - Twitch employees who pretend to be hackers and study the vulnerabilities of the platform from the perspective of hostile hackers.

It is also reported on Twitter that there is also a game codenamed Vapeworld in the leak - it was supposed to become part of the Vapor platform and, for example, provided three-dimensional emoticons. Vapor itself was going to be closely integrated into Twitch. Apparently, the idea was abandoned: for some time they offered to buy games on Twitch and download them through their own installer, but gradually the idea was curtailed, and Amazon projects eventually began to be released on Steam.

In addition, the archive includes data on payments to streamers for the last 26 months. For example, if you believe the leak, in September 2021, xQc became the leader in earned money — he received $752,467 via Twitch. For the entire period covered since August 2019, the Critical Role channel has received the most — more than $9,600,000.

Eyewitnesses also report that there are chat logs in the drain (it is possible that from personal messages as well) and encrypted passwords. According to VGC sources, the data in the archive is real, and the hacking itself occurred this Monday, October 4. Twitch already knows about the drain.

As the hackers write in their post on 4chan, the Twitch community has become a "disgusting bilious cesspool." The data was leaked to "shake up the online streaming industry and promote competition."

The tables with payments from Twitch include only those cash flows that pass through Twitch. That is, for example, donations via third-party platforms or direct transactions with advertisers are not taken into account.

Of course, the situation is sad and you can only sympathize with the users of this platform and recommend changing the password to your account. But even more interesting is the question - Is this situation not related to the recent events of the global failure of Facebook?

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