Apple has released iOS 15 for iPhone 6s and newer

On September 20, a major iOS update was released at number 15. In latest version of firmware, Apple has made a number of changes, as well as introduced many new features, for example, changed operation of Safari, introduced Focus mode, redesigned the Notifications design, updated applications.

Sep 20, 2021 - 17:44
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Apple has released iOS 15 for iPhone 6s and newer
Apple has released iOS 15 for iPhone 6s and newer phone (iPhone 12, 13).

Highlights of a major operating system update:

  • Focusing. The new feature filters out notifications and apps so that the user can focus on what is most important.
  • Notifications. It is now possible to add photos of contacts, and the application icons have become larger. The application has learned to collect non-urgent messages and deliver them at a convenient time, for example, in the morning or in the evening. In addition, you can now temporarily disable the sound of notifications for any application or conversation for the next hour or day.
  • Safari. The updated design allows you to work with the controls with one hand, and assigns a central place to the content. A compact tab bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen so that the user can switch between them with a swipe gesture.
  • Cards. There are new ways to build routes and present information. Districts, commercial blocks, hills and individual buildings were displayed in more detail on city maps, new colors and road markings were added, individual icons of attractions and a new night mode with moonlight were added.
  • Weather. There are more options for graphical representation of data, full-screen maps and dynamic design options that change depending on weather conditions. Animated backgrounds more accurately reflect the position of the sun and precipitation, and notifications tell you when snow or rain will start and end.
  • Notes. Now you can use tags, and mentions allow people working with shared notes to notify each other about important changes. The new view mode allows you to track the latest changes.
  • Confidentiality. Voice requests to Siri are processed on the iPhone by default. The "Privacy protection in Mail" function does not allow the sender to know about the opening of the letter and hides the IP addresses so that it is impossible to determine the location of the user. The app's privacy report now contains information about how the app used the access granted to it to location data, photos, camera, microphone and contacts over the past 7 days, and what other actions it performed.

Other innovations:

  • Redesigned "Settings" menu.
  • Search for information in photos.
  • Widgets of standard applications.
  • Duplicate icons on the home screen.
  • Effects for audio and video conversations.
  • Detailed information about the image.
  • Real-time voice translation.
  • A separate application "Magnifying glass".
  • Setting up a mimoji.

iOS 15 can be downloaded "over the air" and installed through "Settings". The list of supported devices includes the iPhone 6s and smartphones released later.

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