Hugo Weaving will return to the role of Agent Smith in "The Matrix: Resurrection"

The well-known actor Hugo Weaving will still appear in the film The Matrix: Resurrection, but his role will be severely limited, which upset many fans.

Sep 20, 2021 - 18:19
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According to One Take News, Weaving's return to the image of Agent Smith will take place in flashbacks to the first three parts of the saga. The portal describes them as "instant appearances" made up of archival footage.

As OTN clarified, flashbacks will occur in parallel with the events of the"Resurrection". For example, if someone repeats a phrase said by Smith in the original trilogy, then the screen will show how Smith himself pronounces it.

Weaving's return in the fourth "Matrix" was planned from the very beginning. He attended the script reading and costume fitting, but a few months before the start of filming, Lana Wachowski released him from the role, because she wanted him to fulfill his previous obligations under other contracts.

The fact that Weaving is not directly involved in the film does not mean that Agent Smith will not be able to present Neo with a fresh portion of trouble. Numerous sources also told OTN that Smith will appear in" The Matrix 4 " not only in the form of flashbacks (he is allegedly even in the first trailer). Perhaps in the main plot he will be played by another actor, as happened with Morpheus.

In cinemas, "The Matrix: Resurrection" will start on December 16, and on December 22 it will appear on the streaming service HBO Max.

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