Insider: Lucasfilm is preparing Darth Revan's return to the Star Wars canon"

Lucasfilm studio plans to fully present Darth Revan and other Sith characters in its future projects for Disney+. This was reported by the sources of the well-known podcast Kessel Run Transmissions, many of the insiders of which were later confirmed.

Insider: Lucasfilm is preparing Darth Revan's return to the Star Wars canon"
Lucasfilm is preparing the return of Darth Revan to the Star Wars canon, according to an insider.

Darth Revan was conditionally mentioned in the film directed by J. J. Abrams " Skywalker. Sunrise" (The Rise of Skywalker), which featured the legions of the cult "Eternal Sith" (Sith Eternal). One of them was given the name of the Sith, so the preliminary preparation for the return of the Sith in the new canon of "Star Wars" (Star Wars) has already been completed.

However, games and comics in the setting of" Knights of the Old Republic "(Knights of the Old Republic) are still considered part of the old canon, which is called" Star Wars: Legends " (Star Wars: Legends).

According to one of the hosts of the Kessel Run Transmission podcast, Corey van Dyke, Lucasfilm will soon please KotOR fans. The studio plans to focus on the Sith Lore in its new projects.

The test site will be the Leslie Hadland series "The Acolyte", the events of which unfold in the setting "The Heyday of Republic". According to preliminary data, a hologram of Revan will appear in the series, but in the future we should expect a separate series based on the "Knights of the Old Republic".

"Obviously, the timeline will not match, but I know for a fact that there is a concept art in the form of a hologram, which I think is intended for the" Novice", - said van Dyke.

Earlier, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier said that Aspyr Media studio, which gathered many BioWare veterans, is working on a remake of the cult game Knights of the Old Republic. The information is also confirmed by the sources of the Eurogamer portal.

Last year, there were persistent rumors that a new film directed by Taika Waititi, which has not yet received an official title, could be associated with "Knights of the Old Republic", and the role of Darth Revan is allegedly claimed by actress Brie Larson (although in the old canon, the Sith was a man). However, no one has confirmed this information yet.