Jurassic World Evolution 2 Review

The audience adequately accepted the new project, and the developers collected reviews, trying to take them into account in the sequel. Welcome to Jurassic World Evolution 2.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Review
Jurassic World Evolution 2: Chaos Theory in Action - review of a computer game for PlayStation 4.

This time, the Frontier project is more closely connected with the films, laying a bridge between the second and third parts of Jurassic World. After the events of the Lost Kingdom, the dinosaurs broke free, which created a lot of problems. And the player will have to deal with their solution, catching the most dangerous species and monitoring the situation.

A story campaign consisting of five chapters is dedicated to this, which is a great learning experience. The developers have prepared a series of missions to capture animals in different regions of the United States.

The studio has done a lot of work here, offering various conditions: the desert in Arizona, the winter forest in Washington, the autumn fields of Pennsylvania, the green meadows of California and the forests of Oregon. Weather effects are also pumped up, so you can see sandstorms and a snowstorm.

At the same time, players are trying to get out of their usual comfort zone, encouraging them to study the environment. Dinosaurs need to be searched out, so you have to take control of a ranger jeep or helicopter.

The second mode is "Trials". In fact, this is the standard mode from the first part, in which you need to build a park, make it profitable and achieve a five-star rating by completing various tasks. Complicates the passage of the timer and additional restrictions on breeding dinosaurs.

Much more curious is the “Chaos Theory" mode, which is made specifically for fans of the franchise. Here, players must take control of parks from all five films. In fact, this is the same Test mode, but without the need to chase the timer, and allow you to build places of worship. For example, on the map from the original "Jurassic Park", you can build the same gates and tourist routes for a jeep.

The final mode is a classic "Sandbox" in which you can pre-select a biome and start-up capital, after which you can rebuild the park to your liking.

Jurassic World Evolution was scolded by many for castrated management, which is why the rebuilding of tourist facilities made little sense. Much more money was brought by the dinosaurs themselves and the "gladiatorial fights" between them.

In the sequel, Frontier tried to take into account the criticism, but moved a little in the other direction. Now players need to keep an eye on supplies (fuel and food) for the park to function properly. In addition, to perform scientific tasks, you need to hire scientists, each of whom has a certain specialization. One works better with embryos, the other specializes in excavations, the third prefers to work with fossils, and so on.

At the same time, employees have a fatigue scale, so they periodically have to arrange vacations. However, there is also a drawback that the editorial board GameMAG.ru I noticed it even when passing the preview version. For some reason, it is necessary to allocate a scientist to sell unnecessary fossils, and the process takes time.

The developers have automated some of the processes. Now you can build ranger posts in the aviaries, and then attach jeeps and helicopters to them. Thanks to this, the rangers will independently check the dinosaurs and, if necessary, put them to sleep.

The treatment system has been expanded. Previously, rangers were engaged in this, and now it is necessary to build a separate medical center. If the disease is not serious (pneumonia), then it is worth periodically sending a truck with doctors to the dinosaur. But if the lizard gets a serious fracture, then it will have to be taken by helicopter to the treatment site. The strangeness lies in the fact that for some reason a medical jeep cannot be attached to an outpost, which is why it will have to be manually directed to the right pet at every incident.

The behavior of dinosaurs has been seriously pumped up. Ancient lizards have become more capricious. One likes forests, the other needs open fields, the third - stones. Someone likes to eat fruit, another needs a mobile victim. Problems are solved due to a pumped-up terramorfing system, thanks to which it is possible to change the soil.

The number of dinosaur species has also increased significantly. So, now you can grow marine life and flying lizards, which will certainly please fans.

What will not please the players are minor bugs. The second story mission was especially distinguished in this. Either the tranquilizer gun refused to work, or the mission to deliver the allosaurus was not counted. It turned out to solve the problems by completely restarting the mission.

In addition, the Rangers have problems identifying paths. Sometimes for some reason they can't find the gate. This is solved by creating through routes.

There are also oddities in the tasks. For example, in the first mission of ”Chaos Theory", the park management makes it clear that he is interested in how dinosaurs will survive in the most natural conditions. However, the presentation of information contradicted the task, because triceratops get along extremely poorly with predators and began to rage.

We passed Jurassic World Evolution 2 on PS4 Pro. Although the presentation of the game is still amazing, the consoles of the last generation are already poorly coping with the increased demands of graphics. In particular, due to the increased density of vegetation, developers had to greatly reduce the range of drawing shadows, grass and trees. In addition, when the camera approaches the dinosaurs, performance begins to drop.

The creation of Frontier Developments is a great gift for fans of the Jurassic Park franchise. Leaving the solid foundation intact, the developers tried to expand everything else. Despite minor flaws, the final product still captures the player's attention for long hours.