Stadia, GeForce Now and NFT libraries will be added to Samsung TVs

At CES 2022, Samsung unveiled a line of TVs for 2022, which will add support for cloud gaming services and NFT.

Jan 3, 2022 - 09:32
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Stadia, GeForce Now and NFT libraries will be added to Samsung TVs
Samsung will add technologies to its TV libraries: Stadia, GeForce Now and NFT.

The new Neo QLED 2022 and individual models with Smart TV will include a special section dedicated to gaming later this year. Through it, the Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now and Utomic libraries will be available to users. Players will be able to connect third-party controllers to the TV to launch different projects.

Through the hub, they will be allowed to follow different streamers on YouTube, and they will also present expanded information on games in the menu. Including the presence of VRR mode or the possibility of magnification, which is useful for a more detailed display of the mini-map and the like. In parallel with the running game, it will be possible to include videos from the same YouTube.

Individual TVs will support a refresh rate of 144 Hz for games - however, the PS5 and Xbox Series X will still not be able to exceed the values of 120 Hz.

In addition, TV owners will be allowed to buy NFT, later demonstrating their own purchases on the screens. Before buying, you can study each individual item, including the analysis of blockchain metadata.

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