SteamWorld Headhunter, a third—person cooperative action game in the SteamWorld universe, has been announced

At the presentation of Thunder full World, a third-person cooperative action game in the SteamWorld universe was presented.

The announcement of SteamWorld Headhunter was accompanied by a teaser trailer, which not only did not show the gameplay, but did not even provide a hint of the main mechanics of the game.

Judging by what we saw in the video, we can assume that users are waiting for a duel in the style of the Wild West, where players are able to swap bodies and survive in a deadly battle. The developers themselves describe the main feature of the project as a "dizzying twist", whatever that means.

Thunder full notes that events are developing after SteamWorld Dig 2, but does not report either the release date or the platforms on which the game will be released.