The video about disabling the dislike counter on YouTube itself drowned in dislikes

Recently, YouTube representatives announced that they were disabling the dislike counter under the videos on their platform - users took the initiative extremely negatively.

As a result, the video with the announcement was drowned in those same dislikes — at the moment he has 19 thousand of them against almost 7 thousand likes. In the comments, YouTube visitors actively criticize the initiative, which in their opinion will not help improve the overall atmosphere on the platform.

Some note that on other sites, account owners cannot censor negative comments, whereas YouTube has a similar function. In other words, the authors of the channels still have the opportunity to get rid of unwanted comments, hiding the true attitude of the audience to a particular video.
In addition, the authors of the initiative were suspected of using bots that leave positive comments under the video.

Earlier, the YouTube team stated that the dislike button itself will not disappear, but only the channel owner will see their number, whereas this information will become closed to the general audience.