The authors of Terminator: Resistance Annihilation Line showed gameplay

Reef Entertainment publishing house and Teyon Studio announced a new storyline campaign for first-person shooter Terminator: Resistance Annihilation Line a week ago.

As previously reported, players will have to complete an important mission under the leadership of the Resistance hero Kyle Reese. The action will begin around the middle of the main story campaign, when John Connor orders Jacob Rivers to find out what happened at the civilian outpost of Northridge, from where no news has been received for a long time.

To find answers, Rivers and a small team of Resistance soldiers led by Kyle Reese will travel to the most dangerous territory imaginable - beyond the Line of Destruction, to new areas of post-apocalyptic California.

The developers promise not only an unprecedented arsenal of weapons and new dangerous enemies, but also dynamic visual effects that use all the features of the PlayStation 5 and the DualSense controller. And the PC version supports AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, which provides maximum frame rate and modern resolutions.

Players are promised more than four hours to complete an eventful original story from the world of the Terminator. They will have to join Kyle Reese and his associates and survive the clashes with the forces of Skynet.

In addition, unprecedented locations of post-apocalyptic California will open, and we will be able to meet new characters and meet even more dangerous opponents, including robots T-600 and HK Centurion. For the success of survival, we will have a replenishment of the arsenal of weapons.

Annihilation Line will be released on December 10 on Windows and PS 5. Owners of the PS 4 game can upgrade to the Terminator: Resistance Enhanced version for free.