120 FPS and 4K: Jumanji: The Video Game updated for PlayStation 5

About a year ago, a game based on the new Jumanji films was released, and today a free update for PlayStation 5 was released.

jumanji: The Video Game for Sony's newest console has a number of advantages over the original version, including reduced loading time, support for 120 FPS, dynamic 4K and HDR.

In the adventure, players will take control of the heroes Jack Black and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Together with their comrades, they will have to pass a series of tests in the tropical jungle, while visiting destroyed temples, fighting with wild animals and aborigines, as well as finding treasures among traps and deadly dangers.

Jumanji: The Video Game can be played by four people over the network or in split-screen mode. In the absence of a living partner, his place will be taken by an AI-controlled hero.