Blizzard revealed new details of Diablo IV and shared fresh footage of the game

Blizzard Entertainment has shared the latest details of the upcoming role-playing game Diablo IV.

Dec 21, 2021 - 02:20
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Fresh details of the computer video game, including a detailed story about the loot system and its features, were revealed as part of the planned quarterly report. It is presented in full at the link.

In addition, the Blizzard team talked in detail about the visual effects of Diablo IV, designed to diversify travel around the game world and battles with countless enemies.

For example, in the video below you can see the hitbox system in Diablo IV, as well as the advanced reaction of monsters to hits.

Senior effects artist Daniel Briggs said that the project implemented a detailed damage system, where damage to a particular part of the body is accompanied by unique external signs, such as blood splashes and contextual animations.

Next, Blizzard talked about the lighting system of the fourth part of "Diablo". Since the game strives to maintain a gloomy atmosphere, and a significant part of the gameplay will take place in various crypts, dungeons and dungeons, the artists had to work hard to find a balance between the aesthetic and practical side of the design. One of the solutions to this dilemma was the illumination from the skills themselves - various abilities and spells highlight the environment, which helps to better navigate it.

In order to better convey the feelings of character development, even basic skills, along with increasing the level, can acquire additional visual effects. For example, a barbarian's blow to the ground will gradually leave a larger funnel. This approach is also relevant for other classes.

Another feature of the gameplay of Diablo IV will be the ability to temporarily impose certain properties on your arsenal. This mechanic also has a corresponding visual reflection.

Summing up the graphic developments of Diablo IV, Blizzard has opened the veil over the deformation and blood system in its new game. Monster models have several independent levels - skeleton, muscle mass and exterior facade. Attacking monsters in one way or another, you will observe the correct animation of death, like severed heads and limbs. In addition, in battle, your character will also be covered in blood.

Different classes will be able to destroy enemies in a unique way - trample, poison with acid, tear out the insides, and so on.

"The sorceress is improving her mastery of elemental magic. She can slow down targets with cold until they turn into an ice statue that can be broken into pieces. She immobilizes enemies with lightning discharges, which causes them to start smoking and become covered with burns. And when the sorceress envelops opponents with fire, they fall to the ground and turn into a pile of bones and ashes," the authors gave an example.

  • "And here are a few types of murders that robbers are capable of:
  • Evisceration - releases the guts from the monster.
  • Dark magic - dark energy kills the monster's flesh.
  • Freeze/Split - splits frozen monsters into pieces.
  • Poison - corrodes the monster's skin, leaving a pile of bones and flesh.
  • Skinning - rips the skin off the monster, exposing the muscles."

New frames in one shared video:

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