Details about the new pvp in Overwatch 2: changes in heroes, maps, gameplay

Blizzard held a big broadcast about PvP in Overwatch 2, where it demonstrated five full matches on the new maps. At the same time, the developers talked about the changes that are planned for multiplayer.

Details about the new pvp in Overwatch 2: changes in heroes, maps, gameplay
Details about the new pvp in Overwatch 2 caused delight among fans of game.

Some things were mentioned or briefly shown on BlizzConline, and now we have focused on many topics in more detail. Blizzard emphasizes that the game is not complete, and therefore some nuances may change.

BlizzConline mentions about PvP:

  • According to the developers, PvP in the sequel will feel different. The authors are experimenting with the idea of passive abilities for classes: for example, in the current working build, tanks have increased resistance to repulsion and generate less "ulta" for the enemy, stormtroopers get bonuses to the speed of movement, and all medics will have automatic self-medication like what currently exists in the Angel.
  • The abilities of tanks can be radically changed to make them more active in the war, and not just absorb damage. This is especially true for Reinhardt: in the current build, he can launch two fire strikes in a row and interrupt his dash.
  • Everything related to the recoil of the weapon is pumped. For example, the audio shell is improved, more types of environment are taken into account when applying effects to the sounds of shots, and indirect signs like animations will be better noticeable when you start to run out of ammo.
  • There are gameplay clips for the new hero-Sojourn. She fires a railgun.
  • Developers are introducing new modes and reworking old ones. They also hint that they can remove the mode with the capture of two points (as on Hanamura or "Volskaya").
  • With Overwatch 2, there will be PvP maps in Rome and New York.
  • PvE tasks can take place on the maps from the first part, but additional zones will be added there. For example, this will expand King's Row.
  • Replayability is assumed: for example, if you push a cargo, its route may change the next time you return to this mission.
  • There is dynamic weather and the change of day and night. This affects the gameplay: for example, if a dust storm is raging on the location, then the Fatal Widow and Hanzo become more useful due to their abilities with the illumination of opponents.
  • Among the PvE modes, there is sample delivery-like capture the flag, only more dynamic.
  • Each hero has several extensive leveling trees. Abilities are combined in different ways: for example, the healing field of Soldier-76 can follow it, and the traps of the Ratman have electricity damage.
  • We tried to make the enemies from the Zero Sector more interesting. Among the newcomers are the Puller, which attracts you to itself, and the elite version of the ordinary robot, which after death loses its legs, begins to quickly crawl towards you and explodes.
  • There are gameplay clips from PvE.


  • In Overwatch 2, a new standard: five people per team — two medics, two damage heroes and one tank.
  • Since the weight of the role of the tank has changed, the heroes of this type change their abilities:
    Reinhardt can now stop his dash at any time and throws two fire strikes in a row.
  • Winston is able to launch an electric ball — it acts as a long-range attack.
  • Dawn's shields have changed: if earlier she had one shield for herself and one for an ally, now she has two charges at her disposal, which she can use at her own discretion — for example, two shields in a row for herself or two shields at the same time for two allies.
  • According to the developers, now that the number of players in the team has decreased, the return from each participant has become more valuable, and the gameplay itself is "cleaner", that is, it is easier for players and viewers to understand what is happening on the screen.
  • The hero roles now have passive abilities: stormtroopers move faster than others, medics have health regeneration (and Angel and Zenyatta shields have it even faster to preserve previous bonuses), and tanks are harder to push off and give less "ulta" points to opponents.

On the map in Rio, we will visit Lucio's home and hometown club.

New maps and Onslaught mode»

  • Five new maps were shown: New York and Rio (hybrid mode with point and load), Toronto and Rome ("Onslaught"), Monte Carlo (cargo escort).
    Blizzard believes that it has become better to design maps: for example, they have more visual progress as they "pass", like different rooms and colors to indicate zones.
  • Due to the change in the composition of the teams, the maps feel a little different: for example, players often pay attention to natural shelters like cars on the road, and it is now easier to break through bottlenecks — since there are fewer tanks, the amount of "absorbed" damage has become less.
  • It seems that there are no plans to redo all the maps from the first Overwatch for the new balance, but Blizzard expects that there will be no serious problems with the gameplay.
  • In Onslaught, both teams accompany the same robot. This is a kind of tug of war: whoever pushes the robot further in their direction wins.
  • "Onslaught" should be a replacement for the "Capture Points" mode (as on "Hanamura" or "KB Volskaya"), which Blizzard recognized as problematic-they say, the match in "Capture Points" could be either too long or too fast. They tried to correct this with a balance, but the difficulty lies in the fundamental rules of the regime.
  • Now the developers consider "Onslaught" a promising direction, which is more predictable in terms of the pace and time of the match, but still generates very tense game moments. Several cards are being prepared for the" Onslaught".

New map-Monte Carlo, cargo escort. The location plays an important role in the events of Overwatch 2.


  • The developers emphasize that they have made many technical improvements, such as upgraded shaders, materials and lighting. In Overwatch 2, you can choose skins from the first part. Thanks to the engine upgrades, they will look better — for example, due to prettier hair shaders and body surfaces.
  • An extension of visual customization is being prepared, but more details will be revealed later.
  • The first Overwatch has changed a lot over time — for example, instead of the free choice of any heroes in any number, there was a strict restriction on roles with one character in one team. Blizzard believes that the sequel will also be transformed as it develops.
  • The authors of Overwatch 2 are very happy with the new sound system: the shots are richer, and thanks to the updated audio effects, you will be able to better understand where the enemy is.

Torbjorn's new default skin in Overwatch 2.

All of the above changes should appear in the first Overwatch: during the announcement, Blizzard promised that the PvP of the two parts will be common. There is no release date for Overwatch 2 yet. The next piece of information about the game will appear on the night of May 24 to May 25, when the developers will answer questions from Reddit users.