Game console of the future: Microsoft unveiled the Xbox 2042 concept

Microsoft has published a new promotional video of the Battlefield 2042 shooter dedicated to the network... Xbox 2042 consoles.

Oct 27, 2021 - 15:24
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According to the description, Xbox 2042 represents the future of quantum computing gaming with the world's first holographic interaction experience. This is the fastest and most powerful video game console ever created with a capacity of 1 exaFLOPS, support for 32K resolution and 240 frames per second. At the same time, the device is 90% smaller than any supercomputer and fits in the palms of your hands, since the console itself and the controller are combined into a single whole.

Microsoft claims that the Xbox 2042 is designed to work with content with a native resolution of 32K in the full color spectrum with a frame rate of 240 FPS (can increase to 480 FPS) and zero latency. All games now start instantly, without requiring downloads. Even cloud-based openworld projects, in which worlds are so huge that they have their own dedicated data centers, are loaded and synchronized instantly, and an ultra-sensitive and intuitive image projection system using holography will provide a completely new interaction experience and forever change the style of the game.

The console has received an extensive line of games with more than 70 titles at launch, including the "advanced first-person shooter Battlefield 2042". Xbox 2042 also offers full backward compatibility with a library of more than five thousand titles released over four decades of Xbox existence.

Of course, no Xbox 2042 actually exists. This is just a concept created as part of the Battlefield 2042 advertising campaign, but it would be interesting to see such a console in real life. Who knows, maybe a real Xbox from the 2040s won't be so much different from the one shown in the video.

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