House of Ashes: The first gameplay and new details of Supermassive Games horror inspired by Predator and Aliens

Bandai Namco Entertainment and Supermassive Games studio have published the first gameplay demonstration of horror House of Ashes - third part of collection The Dark Pictures Anthology.

House of Ashes: The first gameplay and new details of Supermassive Games horror inspired by Predator and Aliens
House of Ashes: new details of the horror Supermassive Games and gameplay in addition.

At the same time, the press released materials on the game based on the presentation of the gameplay and interviews with the developers. The publication DualShockers in particular asked about the game director of Supermassive Will Doyle about what served as sources of inspiration for House of Ashes.

Among them were the films "Predator", "Aliens" and "Descent", as well as various horror literature, including the work of Howard F. Lovecraft and specifically his novel"The Ridges of Madness".

According to Boyle, House of Ashes will tell a story that intertwines the themes of loyalty, duty and trust, and at the heart of the project, as in the case of past works of Supermassive, are difficult choices and complex characters. He also claims that the monsters in the new game are the most sophisticated they've ever made: a combination of motion capture and manual animation was used to create them.

In addition, the developer noted that House of Ashes has received a lot of improvements based on reviews of the two previous games of the anthology. Some of these changes include the removal of fixed camera angles in exchange for a free, controlled view, the introduction of a separate button for the flashlight, and the choice of difficulty, thanks to which players will be able to adapt the gameplay according to three levels: easy, medium or merciless. In addition, four familiar modes will be offered: a network co-op for two Shared Story, a joint passage of five Movie Night, as well as campaign options for Theatrical Cut and Curator's Cut.

The events of House of Ashes will unfold at the very end of the war in Iraq in 2003. American soldiers during a raid on a suspected underground facility with chemical weapons come under fire from a local patrol, which results in an earthquake, and both groups find themselves underground, on the ruins of a buried Sumerian temple that has become a nest for ancient and unearthly creatures.

House of Ashes will be released later this year on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.