Stable Revolution: C of console versions of Far Cry 6

The release of the new part of Far Cry 6 from Ubisoft took place on October 7. And the first comparisons of console versions have already appeared on the Web.

Stable Revolution: C of console versions of Far Cry 6
Gameplay stability: Comparison of console versions of Far Cry 6.

Versions of Far Cry 6 for new generation consoles provide gameplay at a very stable 60 frames per second. However, problems have arisen with videos that are limited to 30 frames per second and suffer from incorrect framespacing and minor drawdowns.

The dynamic resolution range on the Xbox Series X is from 3072x1728p to 3840x2160p (4K). On the PS5, the value ranges from 2944x1656p to 3392x1908p. In cutscenes, the image is limited to stripes, so then on a Sony console, the resolution can reach 3840x1608p (analog 4K).

Far Cry 6 on Xbox Series X and PS5 boasts additional graphical improvements, including an increased drawing range, and also allows you to download an additional package of high-quality textures.

The resolution of the revolutionaries shooter on the Xbox Series S ranges from 920x1080p to 10801440p. The drawing range is reduced, there is no additional package with textures.

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