Russian indie studio Team Clout showed the first gameplay of the horror ILL

Russian indie studio Team Clout has released the debut gameplay teaser of the ambitious horror ILL.

In February, when the project was just presented, the game was created on Unreal Engine 4. However, as time passed, the developers transferred the horror to Unreal Engine 5.

The footage shows the main character exploring a destroyed building while armed with a revolver. In parallel, he communicates on the radio.

Recall that advanced physics is declared as a key feature of ILL — in particular, it concerns dismemberment. Also, contrary to the precepts of indie horror, the developers do not intend to sew a complicated story to the gameplay — on the contrary, the plot in the game will be extremely clear, but at the same time full of shocking discoveries.

Well, what is called an encore - the main character will be voiced by Nick Apostolides, who gave his voice to Leon Kennedy in the remake of Resident Evil 2 and the animated mini-series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

The release date and platforms on which ILL will be released are still unknown.