Sony patents network bandwidth management technology

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent for a new technology for the PlayStation. The document describes the console's interesting ability to monitor network bandwidth.

Oct 4, 2021 - 08:04
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Sony patents network bandwidth management technology
Sony patents a new method of data transmission on the Internet.

The bottom line is as follows: the owner of the system creates several "profiles" that differ in the priority of using the network.

For example, a user can set the priority of downloading a game to play it faster, or vice versa, lower the download speed so that all traffic goes online without interrupting the connection in multiplayer games. Fans of live broadcasts can prioritize YouTube, Twitch and online cinemas, and so on.

Of course, the technology is interesting, but definitely not new. A similar function is available in a limited form in Xbox consoles, where the user is able to prioritize downloading certain games or on a PC on Steam - there you can adjust the download speed of some games, giving preference to others. However, Sony's solution goes much further and is primarily related to network bandwidth, and not manual installation of games for download.

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