Suddenly: Half-Life 2 received a major update on Steam - a list of improvements

Valve suddenly and without announcements released on Steam the first major update for the legendary Half-Life 2 in many years.

Insider Tyler McVicker, who specializes in Valve-related leaks, told about the update on his channel. According to the patch review, the developers have eliminated numerous errors that have not been solved for years, increased the maximum value of the field of view from 90 to 110 degrees, and also added support for ultra-wide displays and the Vulkan graphics API.

The update is currently in beta. You can download the patch yourself by going to the "Beta versions" tab in the Half-Life 2 properties in the Steam library, but keep in mind that the update still has some problems. In particular, McVicker notes that microfreezes have appeared in the current build, so it would be better to wait for the final patch.

It is not yet known what the patch release is related to. Perhaps the project is being updated for the launch of Steam Deck.