Netflix has revealed number of viewers of Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead

Zombie action game Army of the Dead has become a hit in the online cinema Netflix, collecting 72 million households around the world.

Such statistics a week after the premiere of the film was shared by the streaming giant, who also reported that the new film work of Zack Snyder became one of the most popular films in the first four weeks.

It should be noted that Netflix counts viewing based on the first two minutes of viewer attention.

The successful premiere of "Army of the Dead" was also commented on by the director of the tape, Zack Snyder, who thanked Netflix for its support.

"Thank you for the amazing support!!!," Zack Snyder wrote in response to the Netflix post.

Recall that two prequels of "Army of the Dead" are also in production now - the animated series "Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas" about the character Dave Batista and the feature film "Army of Thieves", in the center of the story of which will be the safe cracker Ludwig Dieter played by Matthias Schweighefer. Moreover, Zack Snyder does not hide his interest in making a full-fledged sequel to "Army of the Dead".