Unusual horror: The father of Silent Hill and Siren, Keiichiro Toyama, who left Sony, spoke about his new game

The creator of Silent Hill, Gravity Rush and Siren, Keiichiro Toyama, has released a video dedicated to his own game company, Bokeh Game Studio, which he recently opened after leaving Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Unusual horror: The father of Silent Hill and Siren, Keiichiro Toyama, who left Sony, spoke about his new game
The creator of Silent Hill - Keiichiro Toyama spoke about his new game.

In the video, Toyama carefully describes his debut project as an independent author, outlining its overall tone and mood, but does not touch on any specific details.

According to Keiichiro Toyama, the first game of Bokeh Game Studio will really be full of horror aesthetics, but at the same time the developer wants to make it attractive and able to immediately capture the attention of the audience.

"Regarding our debut project, I can say that I usually work in several directions at once. This time, the focus is on the gloom, much more tangible than in my recent creations. In a sense, I'm going back to the roots, at least in terms of the horror elements. This was the course I wanted to pursue. And that's what you can expect from our first game.

But despite the horror-based development, I would also like the game to remain fun. The fear will not go away, but along with it, the audience should feel involved in the process, " Toyama said.

Toyama also commented on the sources of inspiration, as well as his vision of the horror genre as a whole. The developer noted that he likes to combine frightening ideas with an element of excitement and intrigue, which can often be found in various works of art dedicated to deadly games where participants are desperately fighting for their lives.

"My vision of horror is when our everyday life is turned upside down. Instead of simply depicting some frightening elements, horror should ask us questions, question the usual and calm way of life for us. I like to adapt such ideas in my work. I would like to see this theme reflected in my next game.

I often read comics, and recently a new trend has caught fire in them - the idea of various "death games". In such books, in cruel worlds, death is accompanied by a kind of entertainment aspect. I like such stories, I read them with pleasure. Therefore, I naturally adopted a similar concept. The heroes of such stories are the most ordinary people who find themselves in crazy situations. They are on the verge of emotional collapse, but still face some problems or drama. Such things inspire me, and perhaps you will be able to see this for yourself when you get acquainted with our game," the father of Silent Hill and Siren continued.

In addition, the game designer spoke about the setting of his new game. Toyama noted that he carefully searched for the right mood. In his opinion, the levels should independently tell a separate story and set the tone for the rest of the content.

"My previous games were often remembered by the setting. Where we grew up, in what cities or villages, how we got there, with what emotions we live in these places. I often think about all this when I work. I was very inspired by my thoughts about different places, so this time I started [development] by writing the setting. I carefully examine the maps, looking for unusual ways to set the mood for the locations.

One of my most vivid memories is a short trip in my spare time. Together with the family we went to one of the cities of Asia. And it was characterized by traditional oriental moods-a mixture of exoticism with the usual modernism. Then I began to think about a setting in which such concepts could be reflected. I thought about a place that would be a reflection of human energy, its evolution. I think it's a good foundation for the game."

In addition to a lengthy story, the Bokeh Game Studio team presented a number of concept art of their game. The grim illustrations can be found in the gallery below: